Andi Mack Renewed for Season 3

Just days ahead of its midseason finale, Andi Mack has been renewed for a third season at Disney Channel. The teen dramedy’s cast — including leading lady Peyton Elizabeth Lee and co-stars Lilan Bowden, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie and Asher Angel – will hit the pause button on Season 2 this Friday (8/7c), before returning with 12 additional episodes (aka Season 2B) beginning in June. Season 3 is slated to bow later this year.

“A series about a girl discovering that her sister is really her mother was new territory for Disney Channel, but [series creator] Terri [Minsky]’s honest, authentic storytelling allowed our audience to connect deeply to these characters and their journeys of self-discovery,” said Disney Channel COO Gary Marsh in a statement. “What she has crafted stands as a high-water benchmark for kids and family storytelling around the world.”

Already considered groundbreaking for its handling of the aforementioned mother twist, the show made history again last fall when Andi’s best friend Cyrus (Joshua Rush) came out of the closet. It marked the first time a Disney Channel series had a gay main character.

Per Disney Channel’s numbers crunchers, Andi Mack ranks among TV’s Top 10 series for Kids and Girls 6-11.

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