Cobra Kai Teaser: Daniel and Johnny Return in YouTube's Karate Kid Revival

’80s nostalgia alert: The first footage from YouTube Red’s Karate Kid continuation Cobra Kai is out… and it’s the best (arooo-oound). 

Original stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka are back as karate rivals Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, and as the teaser above shows, they’re still nursing wounds from the old days. Johnny is reviving his old dojo Cobra Kai, and Daniel isn’t about to let him without a fight. Now middle-aged men, the two stare each other down on a karate mat once again, with Daniel declaring: “Johnny, you and I, this… we aren’t done.”

The teaser doesn’t offer much more in the way of plot, but it does hit us with a cluster bomb of old-school Karate Kid references: the tournament bracket from the All Valley Karate Championship; old newspaper clippings of Daniel with his late mentor Mr. Miyagi; and Johnny donning his black sleeveless Cobra Kai uniform and Daniel tying on his classic blue-and-white headband.

Will this showdown result in another crane kick to Johnny’s schnoz? (And will Elisabeth Shue make a cameo?) It’ll be a while until we find out for sure. Cobra Kai still doesn’t have a premiere date; the teaser will only say it’s “coming soon.”

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Cobra Kai, then hit the comments with your first impressions.

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