What Katharine McPhee's Broadway Debut Means for Scorpion's Paige


Let her be your Broadway star.

Scorpion‘s Katharine McPhee is set to make her debut on the Great White Way as the lead in the Tony-nominated musical Waitress, it was announced on Wednesday.

McPhee will succeed the show’s composer, Sara Bareilles, as the titular Jenna starting April 10 — after CBS’ Scorpion has wrapped production on its fourth season. The actress/singer’s limited engagement runs through June 17, well ahead of when Scorpion would need to ramp up production on any possible Season 5.

So have no fear, Paige Dineen (a onetime waitress, as seen above) isn’t at immediate risk of being killed off during, like, the team’s next attempt to stop a Martian warship from starting a tsunami off the coast of Australia.

McPhee’s previous credits of course include TV’s American Idol, where she was a runner-up, as well as Smash, where she played wannabe Broadway baby Karen Cartwright.