Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Wild Child — Who Shagged? Who Left the Team?

Legends of Tomorrow Recap

John Constantine’s visit with the Legends of Tomorrow was an eventful one in alllll kinds of ways, from supernatural and spooky to downright shagadelic.

Picking up where the midseason finale left off, Constantine — after a solid round of flirting (including with “from another Earth, and taken” Leo) — explains that he has sought out Sara because a young girl in Star City, on whom he tried to perform an exorcism, spoke of “Sara Lance.” Sara declares herself done dealing with demons, at least metaphorically, before telling Constantine about her encounter with Mallus. Having given Constantine a name to work with, Sara insists on tagging along as he pays the girl another visit.

As Sara, Constantine, Ray, Leo and Amaya arrive at the Star City mental hospital, they are informed by Zari and Nate aboard the Waverider that young “Emily” is actually Nora, as in Nora Darhk. Constantine draws out a rune across the floor, planning to entrap Mallus upon being exorcised, but his doodles are no match for this demon. Rather, Nora proceeds to cause a ruckus and then sketch her own temporal rune, which transports Constantine, Sara and Leo to the same spot but circa 1969!

Before they can plant a rescue note for the Legends to uncover 48 years later, Leo gets nabbed by a lobotomy-happy doctor. Sara and Constantine meanwhile squeeze in a heated shag, before she volunteers to re-enter Mallus’ realm, where she can scrawl her own temporal rune and get them back home. Once inside that otherworld, Sara is briefly distracted from her mission by Nora, who back in Star City is wreaking total havoc at a  Jitters. Sara is able to calm the girl before she dispatches with Zari, and then completes the rune to send her, Constantine and Leo back to 2017.

At Jitters, though Nora has calmed down, Ray and Zari are helpless to keep the girl from reuniting with her “dead” Daddy, Damien Darhk, who shows up to teach his kid that Mallus is no “demon” but a “savior,” and that he will one day give her the power to bring him back from the dead. Until then, Nora will be under the watchful care of The Order (led by the redhead doctor from the hospital).

With everyone reunited aboard the Waverider, Sara thanks Constantine for “helping her with Mallus” — which he interprets as a sexual euphemism, until she also thanks him outright for the “great” shag. Constantine then pulls Ray aside for a private chat, advising Palmer to finish up and keep handy the “anti-magic” gun he and Zari are working on, because make no mistake, Mallus does inhabit Sara, and it’s only a matter of time until he makes his move.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* After “gay, not blind” Leo put it in Sara’s head that Ava Sharpe paid a hologram visit for no reason other than to see/talk to her, Sara at episode’s end placed a call of her own, to invite Ava to the ship for some quality face time — only to get cut short by Ava’s news that Rip Hunter has escaped.

* Amaya spent much of the episode battling, both physically and verbally, her granddaughter Kuassa, who recounted how years ago during the attack on their village, her mother rushed only Mari to safety. Amaya contends that it was not an abandonment, then explains to Kuassa that she recently learned of her destiny to protect a totem bearer — which she assumed was Zari, but actually (probably) is Kuassa.

* During the Jitters skirmish, Nora was momentarily frightened to observe that Zari was “of The Six,” which Constantine later took to mean that her and the other assorted totems, including some not yet found, may hold the key to defeating Mallus.

* At episode’s end, Leo said his farewells to Mick, Sara et al, explaining that he was on his way back to Earth-X to pop the question to his Ray.

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