Omarosa Returns to Celeb Big Brother House Following Health Scare

Game over for Omarosa?

The Big Brother: Celebrity Edition houseguest was sent to the hospital on Friday night. Details are not entirely clear, but our sister site Deadline reports that the former Trump White House staffer suffered a non-serious injury during a Head of Household competition that occurred off screen.

Fellow contestants Ross Mathews and Marissa Jaret Winokur could be heard discussing the HoH challenge on the Big Brother live feed (as seen below), which apparently involved the celebrities having to bowl while under self-inflicted dizzy spells. (Yes, really.) Mathews at one point implied that Winokur “knocked her out,” but it’s unclear whether he meant that Omarosa was knocked unconscious or knocked out of the competition.

Omarosa was not back in the Big Brother house as of Saturday afternoon, with Winokur alleging that the Apprentice alum might have faked an asthma attack to stay in the hospital. UPDATE: CBS has released a statement, confirming that Omarosa suffered an asthma attack and has since returned to the BB house. The health scare will be addressed during the next episode.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition resumes Sunday at 8/7c on CBS. In the meantime, drop a comment below and tell us what you make of this latest controversy.

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