The Four Finale: And the Winner Is...

The Four Finale Winner

“The most coveted seat in the industry” was up for grabs on Thursday’s season finale of Fox’s The Four — and I’m not talking about the one left vacant by fired judge Charlie Walk.

Speaking of that guy we can all go back to not knowing, his absence was briefly addressed at the top of the finale, with host Fergie simply saying, “As you can see, we’re without one of our panelists tonight. Charlie Walk will not be attending tonight’s finale.” (Confused? Click here for some important context!)

In keeping with the show’s theme of treating its contestants like hungry zoo animals, the final four musicians showed up “ready to eat” on Thursday as they engaged in a series of musical face-offs until only one remained standing. I mean… sitting?

But first, a quick rundown of our finalists: There was Zhavia, the spunky songstress who de-throned one of the original Four, only to be eliminated later in the competition, then redeemed in last week’s Comeback round; Candice Boyd, who also had to reclaim her seat via the Comeback round; and Evvie McKinney and Vincint Cannady, both of whom made their debut on The Four just one week ago.

The finale was made up of three rounds, beginning with individual performances before launching into one-on-one battles. Zhavia and Vincint were the first to be knocked out of the competition, leaving Candice and Evvie as the final two. After some intense deliberation, the judges officially crowned Evvie as the first-ever winner of The Four.

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