Drag Race All Stars Recap: Which Queen Had Her Wig Handed to Her?

Drag Race All Stars Recap

After narrowly escaping elimination last week, Kennedy Davenport rose like a phoenix on Thursday’s RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars — but which of her fellow queens did she choose to burn?

Before we get to that, let’s back up a bit: Upon discovering Thorgy Thor’s parting message for Shangela on the mirror, the queens were aghast. Well, all except Milk, who defended Thorgy and insisted that the others just didn’t get “clown comedy.” Milk further defended her by insisting that Stevie Nicks wasn’t “current” enough to portray in drag.

Milk threw even more fuel on the fire after the main challenge, asserting that Kennedy should have gone home instead of Thorgy. “What’s hurtful is when you think you have a relationship with your so-called sister only to find out something else,” Kennedy said.

Speaking of that main challenge, the queens were asked to do a bit of improv comedy this week as contestants on The Bitchelor, a dating show in which UnREAL‘s Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman went on a series of two-on-one dates in the hopes of finding the queen of his dreams.

BenDeLaCreme’s hysterical cougar character, giant fake boobs spilling out of her tiny pink dress, earned her a spot in this week’s top two, alongside none other than Kennedy, who played the perfect party girl, complete with a flask hidden in her ample cleavage. Ben and Kennedy lip sync battled to Lorde’s “Green Light,” with Kennedy emerging victorious.

This week’s bottom three included Aja, whose “needy” character came off more psychotic and dumb; Chi Chi DeVayne, who didn’t quite understand what it meant to pose as a “polyamorous” couple; and — wait for it — Milk, who threw a big ol’ fit backstage. (“I did not see this coming. At. All.”)

Following Kennedy’s victory, she chose to drop Milk like… well, spoiled Milk.

The fact that I was eliminated, even though another queen had been in the bottom three times? Dumb,” Milk said on her way out. “I just don’t see how this was my week.”

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