Netflix's Queer Eye Reboot: Grade It!

Queer Eye Reboot Netflix

A wise woman once belted, “All things just keep getting better.” But does that apply to Netflix’s updated version of the groundbreaking reality series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

Honestly, yes. Queer Eye, which made its first season available to stream on Wednesday, adds a unique charm to the original formula — thanks largely to its charismatic cast of makeover experts — showing just how perception of gay culture has evolved since the franchise debuted nearly two decades ago.

“The original show fought for tolerance — we’re fighting for acceptance,” explains fashion guru Tan France, to which food expert food expert Antoni Porowski adds, “My goal is to figure out how we’re similar as opposed to how different we are.”

And the guys couldn’t be more different from their first assignment, Tom Jackson, a 57-year-old (three-time) divorcée from Dallas, Ga. A self-described “dumb old country boy,” Tom began his journey open, yet skeptical. “You can’t fix ugly,” he often said with a laugh. Challenge accepted.

Not only did the new Fab 5 — which also includes designer Bobby Berk, culture pro Karamo Brown and personal groomer Jonathan Van Ness — help Tom upgrade the physical aspects of his life, from new furniture to a new diet, but they also helped him regain the confidence he said he hasn’t had in 12 years. And you really can’t put a price on that.

There’s also a lot of heart in Netflix’s Queer Eye. The guys have great chemistry, not only with each other but also with their grateful charges, and they seem to really want to make a difference. (If you didn’t get at least a little emotional over Tom and Abby’s romance, you’re a stone-cold monster.)

Now that the new Queer Eye is out there for all to see, give it a stream. Then grade the premiere below and drop a comment with your full review.