The Flash Recap: Things Just Got Really Weird, But in a Most Wonderful Way

Flash Recap

I am a relieved man, here this week to hail The Flash whereas last time around I was moved to heckle it.

This week’s episode was set in motion by Amunet’s latest bit of “window shopping” at Iron Heights’ off-book meta wing, where she eventually decided to “take them all” — as in Barry, unlucky Becky, shrinker Bert, techy Kilg%re and… whatever Mina is. (Even Amunet had to scoff at the ability to “animate” effigies, or whatever.)

Warden Wolfe’s plan to quietly sell off the quintet is picked up on by mind-reading Cecile, leading Team Flash to plot to stop the transaction. Luckily, Ralph has just discovered that if he thinks real, real hard about someone, he can shape-shift into a lookalike (voice, complexion and all!). And after a couple of failed tries, he is coached by Cisco into successfully taking the shape of Warden Wolfe.

Alas, though Ralph is able to keep up appearances long enough to tough-talk his way past snake-eyed Norvok, he shape starts to sag once face-to-face with Amunet, as he tries to call off the deal. Ralph escaped unscathed, though that failure — coupled with some hurtful words from a former associate, Earl Cox — landed him in quite a funk. But nothing that a pep talk from Killer Frost/”Frosty Oprah” couldn’t later fix.

Barry, meanwhile, used some batteries (pinched from a maintenance man), a water bottle and a few other things to MacGyver an acid that ate through the meta cells’ locks, as well as the bolts to a tunnel entrance. Alas, once they emerged from the prison they were met by the real Warden Wolfe, who was more than happy to clue in the other metas to Mr. Allen’s superhero identity, triggering a but of feeding frenzy. Becky, however, stood by Barry, taking to heart his advice from earlier to let her actions, not her powers, define who she is. Her intervention spawned an amusing, unlucky sequence of events/accidents that effectively subdued Kilg%re, Bert et al.

Alas, Barry’s woes were far from over, as DeVoe then swooped in on his freshly upgraded chair, which spat out tentacles that clamped onto each meta’s head and drained their (as well as Wolfe’s) life force, all while a distressed Marlize observed from their lair. Barry raced to save adorable Becky, but he was too late — though DeVoe’s purpose with her was not to kill, but assume her form. DeVoe-as-Becky then whooshed away, just as Cisco and Killer Frost breached onto the scene. Do-right Barry of course insisted on staying behind bars, though it would not be for much longer. Because there was about to be a wonderful twist in his murder trial.

Cecile went to appeal the judge’s ruling, ostensibly promising new evidence that she simply did not have. But just as the judge went to deny the motion, who rolls through the door to interrupt but… Clifford DeVoe! Well, Ralph in the form of the original DeVoe. The murder victim goes on to tell the judge that he is as confused as anyone by the case of mistaken identit, and since Marlize has no cause to object, Barry is freed.

Back at The Thinker’s lair (The Think Tank?), DeVoe/Becky goes to toast their recent success, but Marlize — already a bit iffy about recent events — was downright off-put by the prison skirmish, including the needless killing of the warden. DeVoe, already irked by how his wife now uses a favorite song of theirs to obstruct his mind reading, smooths things over by drugging her champagne with some of Amunet’s “love drug.”

Barry meanwhile celebrated his freedom at Joe’s house, until something dawned on him: DeVoe could have harnessed the power of all metas, yet only zeroed in on (and eventually killed!) the bus passengers, And Team Flash knows quite well one of those newly created metas — cue Hero of the Day Ralph’s suddenly bittersweet arrival.

What did you think of the episode “True Colors”?

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