Supergirl's Odette Annable Previews the Arrival of a Second Worldkiller, Flirts With the Idea of Alex and Sam

Supergirl Spoilers

Supergirl has always been a show about celebrating the bonds of family — even when that family chooses to be called “Worldkillers.”

Monday’s winter finale (The CW, 8/7c) introduces Worldkiller Purity into the mix, and despite knowing very little about her, Reign “sees her as an ally, almost like a sister,” Odette Annable tells TVLine. “Purity is someone Reign knows she can help with her efforts. She can guide her and train her, so it’s a really good thing when they finally meet — at least for Reign.”

And what of Sam’s human family? Don’t worry, Annable assures us that Ruby remains Sam’s “main concern,” though she knows exactly who she’d trust her daughter with should the worst befall her.

“If something were to happen to Sam, I would definitely give [Alex] that blessing — especially now that Alex and Ruby have this great connection,” she acknowledges. “Of course, that could happen or it could not happen. We’ll see!”

In fact, Alex seems to have had an affect on both of the Arias ladies; not only is she getting to practice #momlife with Ruby, but she’s also helping Sam through the scariest ordeal she’s ever faced.

“Sam is in a really desperate place,” Annable notes. “She’s always been the protector, and she only has Ruby. She’s turning to people who are her confidantes, and it’s really paying off. I think Alex and Sam have a really nice friendship. I look forward to seeing how Alex is incorporated into Sam’s life. She really has stepped up to the plate, even though they don’t know each other that well. It’s an interesting relationship to me.”

As for whether or not Alex and Sam’s friendship could turn into something more, Annable says she’s “flattered” thats fans are ‘shipping her with anyone at all. “Everyone has their own interpretation on how they see characters going and what they’d like to see, but Sam is single, so I’m not ruling anything out.”

Your hopes for Monday’s Supergirl — and beyond? Drop ’em in a comment below.



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