SNL: Trump Calls Into Fox & Friends to Discuss the Devin Nunes Memo

Alec Baldwin‘s President Donald Trump returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend, calling into Fox & Friends amid his “very busy” morning.

After co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade thanked the “big guy” for taking time out of his busy schedule — which included a P90X workout involving an egg McMuffin — Trump began boasting about, among other things, his State of the Union ratings.

“I’m saving the economy, destroying ISIS, and right now getting my daily Intelligence briefing… from you guys,” he said. “Thanks so much. Your show is so great. Yuuuge ratings! Of course, not as big as the ratings for my State of the Union speech, which was watched by 10 billion people including all of China. Now they say there’s only seven billion people on Earth, so where [do] the other three billion people come from? Illegals? I don’t know.”

After tweeting praise from Ainsley Earhardt, Trump went on to say that Paul Ryan referred to his SOTU address as “better than Martin Luther King’s ‘I Dream of Jeannie‘ speech.” He then spoke out about the Devin Nunes memo, calling it the “greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence,” even though he hadn’t read “either one of them.” He also accused the FBI of being more biased than any other time in history.

Earlier in the sketch, Doocy, Kilmeade and Earhardt spoke via satellite with White House Communications Director Hope Hicks (who may or may not have been Gossip Girl), and were paid a visit by religious leader Louis Farrakhan.

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