Extended Gotham Trailer Teases Bruce/Selina Team-Up, Bloomed Ivy, That Joker Jerome and Batty Man

Gotham‘s Ivy, once a “seed” and then a “sprout,” now has fully “bloomed,” it is explained in an extended trailer for the back half of Season 4 (arriving Thursday, March 1 at 8/7c).

In addition to a greater gander at onetime Flash frenemy Peyton List’s take on the increasingly poisonous Miss Pepper (who invites The Sirens to make Gotham their “bitch”), the new promo — which spends its first three minutes recapping things — previews a Bruce/Selina detente that builds to a team-up; the Penguin doing that joker Jerome’s bidding behind bars at Arkham; Bruce being taunted in a bat cave by the caped-and-cowled figure he “cannot escape”; and a lot more.

Per Fox’s official synopsis for Season 4B:

* Jim Gordon navigates his new role of Captain, fighting against the most depraved and unhinged villains, including a reborn Ivy, who is targeting anyone involved in the latest Wayne Enterprises project.

* Bruce Wayne continues on his spiral without the guidance of Alfred, who is out on his own in Gotham after being fired.

* Penguin becomes Jerome’s (guest star Cameron Monaghan) latest obsession after they meet in Arkham Asylum.

* Lee Thompkins begins to try to rebuild the Narrows, working with Ed Nygma.

* The Sirens try to amplify their business.

Will you be tuning in for Gotham‘s awaited return?

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