K.C. Undercover Series Finale: Grade It!

K.C. Undercover Recap Series Finale

“This could be my last mission ever,” Zendaya’s character declared shortly into Friday’s K.C. Undercover. It’s almost as if she knew that the two-part episode was actually the show’s series finale.

Friday’s farewell episode, appropriately titled “The Final Chapter,” closed the book on the Mask mystery and sent K.C. off on a new adventure, though nothing went down the way K.C. expected. (Then again, what does?)

Scroll down to find out how it all ended — and consider this your official spoiler warning:

* Let’s start with the big reveal: Agent Johnson, the “one person at the organization we know we can trust,” turned out to be — wait for it — The Mask!

* Marisa was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City — though K.C. was none too pleased that Marisa told Brady before her.

* Speaking of Brady, Marisa dumped him after he failed a “trust test,” only to take him back after he agreed to quit working as a spy.

* Judy requested to be transferred to another family because she “started experiencing feelings,” which is a major no-no in the robot community. But after K.C. told her that the Coopers have loved her since the day she joined their ranks, she broke down and agreed to stay.

* In a dramatic valedictorian speech, K.C. revealed that she’s been working as a spy — don’t worry, Judy wiped the crowd’s memories — and that she’s going to continue spying while she attends Stanford University.

“Here’s to having it all!”

Did K.C. Undercover end the way you imagined? Grade the series finale below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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