S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Groundhog Dayum — The Other Seer Spills an Agent's Secret

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This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Kasius’ own seer detailed the perpetual hell that has been her own Groundhog Day — dropping a bombshell about a beloved agent along the way.

That “seer,” as some here predicted, turned out to be Elena from the first timeline, the scythe-wielding one who in the flash “forward” mentioned that Mack was “gone” before breaking away from May and Robin to hunt down their keepers. In the course of rounding up any stray Inhumans to be whisked to safety by Tess in the trawler, it was Yo-Yo herself who stumbled upon… herself. Yo-Yo Prime was terribly worn down (and armless), having been killed and then resurrected again and again over time, as Kasius saw fit. She also was fatalistic, having been stuck in this “time loop” for so long that it seemed as if every word, every warning, she tried to relate to her other self “echoed.”

In short, she explained, “We make it back home… and then we bring everything there is to come.” She said that no matter how she tried to right things each time around, the outcome was the same. “The team makes one choice,” she shared, “and it changes everything. The choice to save him.” Him being…? “Phil Coulson is dying,” she answered, as we cut to a glimpse of Coulson concealing a veiny rash traversing his chest. “And you have to let him.” As for Mack’s apparently grim fate in her timeline, she cryptically alluded to herself being “on fire” as she reached for him, only to grab “nothing.”

Kasius meanwhile was extremely displeased to discover that Sinara had been vanquished in her clash aboard the Zephyr. In speaking to her corpse back inside his chambers, we gained more insight into how S.H.I.E.L.D. thwarted Kasius’ father’s plan to invade Earth (the “light” in the sky that Voss mentioned?), so if he is able to keep them from going back, Earth will remain intact and free to conquer. Kasius tasked his healer with resurrecting Sinara as they have done with the likes of Tess and Inhumans, but that process does not work on Kree — an answer that got the doc’s blue brain matter splattered across the room. Kasius’ next move was to sic their collection of Inhumans on S.H.I.E.L.D., but the trainer, Tye, warned that they are ill-equipped for combat. So Kasius fed Tye some goo called Odium, which turned him into a hopped-up savage who feels no pain. When S.H.I.E.L.D. went to free the Inhumans from the Kree, Daisy wound up trading blows with the impervious Tye, ultimately ending him with a dagger to the chest.

Agents of SHIELDAs for the rest of Kasius’ minions, they got sucked into space when Flint, floating around outside in the Star-Lord get-up, collected and hurled a barrage of boulders through the window. As Flint then went about using the portal shard to assemble a new one, the time came for the team to bid Tess adieu as she made her first trawler run to the surface with a batch of refugees. Enoch meanwhile had stayed behind on the Zephyr to ready the machine that will trigger the new portal, and Deke later volunteered to go help him — even though it would eventually mean that they both would die, seeing as Enoch would have to use himself to power the device, triggering a massive explosion on the spot. As for the agents, Daisy refused to go with Coulson and May to the portal, terrified that her return to the present would only lead to the same apocalyptic future. So Coulson iced his colleague, then lugged her to the rendezvous point.

Yo-Yo, however, remained MIA, so Mack went to find her — which he sort of did, arriving at the Octagon where Kasius was holding the other Elena at knifepoint. Kasius proceeded to slit that Elena’s throat before sucking down some Odium and jumping into the arena to slug it out with Mack. The crazed Kasius wound up gaining the upper hand, and was on track to beat Mack “to death with his own skull,” when Simmons sneaked up on the Kree and slipped into his ear that enslaving tech. Distracted, Kasius was ripe for skewering by Mack’s shotgun-axe. Our Yo-Yo then showed up, much to an admittedly confused Mack’s delight. Flint, despite being invited by Mack to come back with them, instead hopped on the final trawler run with Tess, ready to use Virgil’s globe tchotchke as a “blueprint” for, I guess, rebuilding Earth.

With Enoch about to power down, Deke warned the others that the time was now or never to flip the switch, which he did as Coulson (holding unconscious Daisy), May and Fitz stood before the mutating portal, while Mack, Yo-Yo and Simmons raced to get there in time. Did they? We shall find out… when Season 5 resumes.

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