RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Recap: Was the Right Diva Silenced?

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Thursday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars brought out the remaining nine queens’ inner divas — not that they needed much coercing.

Picking up immediately after Morgan McMichaels’ dramatic elimination, the second installment of Season 3 proved just how unpredictable the competition can be. As Trixie Mattel noted, “Somebody really fierce just sashayed away. Next time, it could be me. It could be Shangela. Probably Chi Chi.” Shade.

But as it turned out, none of the aforementioned queens needed to worry about their chances this week. In fact, Shangela wound up in the top two after the “VH1’s Divas Live” challenge, which required each contestant to embody an iconic diva while performing one of RuPaul’s timeless hits.

Let’s break this week’s challenge down queen-by-queen, shall we?

MILK | Frankly, she’s lucky she went first. Her wonky Celine Dion impression was nothing to write home about.

KENNEDY DAVENPORT | Not only did she fail to mouth most of the lyrics, but as the judges pointed out, she gave us too much Kennedy and not enough Janet Jackson. It was no surprise to see her in the bottom two.

AJA | I’m not even sure how one would portray Amy Winehouse, so I can’t really fault Aja for her performance, which I thought was just fine.

CHI CHI DEVAYNE | Though her runway look was too “basic” (the judges’ word, not mine!), she had great energy as Patti LaBelle — a huge improvement over last week’s poor display.

TRIXIE MATTEL | Asking Trixie to dress up as Dolly Parton — which she basically already did in last week’s season premiere — was such an obvious slam dunk, it almost didn’t seem fair. (But I’ll leave the complaining up to Milk and Thorgy Thor.)

SHANGELA | She may have gotten on Todrick Hall’s nerves with her “method acting,” but Shangela absolutely deserved to win the Divas challenge. I felt like I was watching Mariah Carey’s disastrous New Year’s Eve performance all over again.

THORGY THOR | Besides missing the memo about never interrupting Vanessa Williams, Thorgy was really unpleasant to watch this week. Neither her constant stress nor her rampant paranoia are good looks for her, and while she may allege that Stevie Nicks isn’t a gay icon, it was no excuse for that weak portrayal of her.

BENDELACREME | If I was any other queen in this competition, I would be shaking in my heels whenever BenDeLaCreme walks by. As if winning twice last week wasn’t enough, she crushed this week’s challenge, delivering the rapping Julie Andrews I didn’t know I needed in my life. Perfection.

BEBE ZAHARA BENET | Proving that sometimes less is more, BeBe didn’t overdo her Diana Ross performance, giving the judges just enough to enjoy — which is no easy feat, considering RuPaul’s love for the Motown legend.

Following this week’s runway challenge — a “Ru-demption” in which the queens got to re-do a terrible look from their original seasons — it was announced that Shangela and BenDeLaCreme would be lip syncing for their legacies, as well as to decide whether Kennedy or Thorgy would be sent packing.

Shangela got the “Jump” on Ben, emerging as the winner of this week’s challenge… and sending Thorgy home. Just like last week, the eliminee was greeted by the previous All Stars winners, this time being told that her gift was “like a Groupon.” (Any new theories about what this all means?)

Also worth discussing…

* Do you agree with Thorgy — who swears she’s “trying not to be a conspiracy theorist” — that Shangela was basically set up to win the Divas challenge?

* How ridiculous was Milk’s backstage temper tantrum over not being publicly judged? Shouldn’t she have just been happy that her half-assed Celine Dion impression didn’t land her in the bottom?

* When Vanessa Williams interjected that Wilhelmina Slater was the black Devil Wears Prada, do you think anyone on the panel knew to whom she was referring?

Once you’ve taken some time to consider all of the above, drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s Drag Race All Stars below.

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