Arrow Recap: Who Did Black Siren Kill?

Arrow Recap

This week on The CW’s Arrow, OTA and NTA were on the verge of reuniting for one night only, only to be split apart again by what turned out to be a tragic twist.

Even with Cayden James controlling all communications as well as the routes in/out of the city, Oliver got word to A.R.G.U.S. to come help save the day. Alas, James was again a step ahead of them, and quickly snuffed that entire squad. Having already ponied up $70 million of the city’s money to meet Cayden’s daily demand — and with the thermowhatever bomb still out there — Oliver agreed with Thea that it was time to start mulling emergency bomb shelters for the citizens.

Though unable to locate James, Oliver and Diggle got the drop on Vigilante — only to learn from Curtis and Rene that Vince “is a friendly.” Upon getting the full download at NTA’s bunker, Felicity suggests that Vince could plant a sniffer on Cayden’s servers, to track the mobile bomb. Oliver pulls Vince aside to make clear that he isn’t there yet with trusting the same guy who at one time or another has had every member of his team in his crosshairs, but Vince says he has nothing to prove — that Team Arrow must do whatever is necessary to save the city, and that right now means using him.

Vince gets into the server room (thanks to Cayden’s utterly “duh” passcode) and plugs in the sniffer, only to get found by the boss man himself. Vince appears to talk his way out of the situation by repeating slew of technobabble whispered into his comm by Felicity, but later — after transmitting the sniffed files to OTA — he is confronted by Cayden and KO’d by Anatoly. Strapping the traitor to a chair, Cayden gets a firsthand look at Vince’s meta healing ability, yet remains confident that Anatoly’s special brand of torture will nonetheless leave some kind of mark.

The good news? Felicity is able to get a bead on the bomb, calling for an “all hands on deck” situation. The bad news? The teams hear Vince being tortured, and Dinah is determined to make his rescue a priority. Oliver and Diggle disagree, but Curtis and Rene opt to assist their teammate — effectively splitting up valuable resources.

Oliver and Diggle find themselves with far too much warehouse territory to search to pinpoint the bomb, and ultimately are left to watch four identical trucks zip away in four directions. Dinah meanwhile finds Vince… just in time for them to be caught in a massive explosion. Dinah is left pinned down by a beam while Cayden has Black Siren user her sonic cry to launch Vince onto a piece of rebar. Cayden then orders Black Siren to finish the job, which she is at first hesitant to do… and yet, moments later, does, bellowing into his ear at close range until he is dead.

In the wake of the failed ops, Dinah is distraught to hear that Vince died for nothing, that the bomb was not found. Quentin meanwhile is disappointed to hear from Thea that his seemingly effective-ish Laurel slideshow did not lure his daughter’s doppelgänger over to the hero side. Oliver shows up at Dinah’s to share that they at least now have some “viable options” in fighting James — via the sniffed files, Alena and Felicity determined that the video of Oliver killing Cayden’s son was doctored by the same person who leaked the “Mayor Queen Is Green Arrow!” photo — but that is itty-bitty consolation to her. No, she is resolved to killing every single person in James’ gang, starting with Black Siren!

What did you think of the episode “All for Nothing”? And are you, like me, d-o-n-e with Rene’s rude ‘tude, “hoss”?

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