House of Cards' New Season 6 Cast Revealed: Who's In? Who's Out? Who's Returning (Constance Zimmer!)?

House of Cards

With production on House of Cards‘ overhauled, Kevin Spacey-less sixth and final season set to commence Wednesday, Netflix is revealing which new and old cast members will be accompanying Robin Wright across the finish line.

First up, Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear have joined the ensemble in top-secret roles (we can only confirm that the Oscar-nominated actors will be playing siblings). Additionally, House of Cards staples Michael Kelly (Doug), Jayne Atkinson (Catherine), Boris McGiver (Tom) and Derek Cecil (Seth) will be back, as will Season 5 additions Patricia Clarkson (Jane) and Campbell Scott (Mark). But the big news is that Constance Zimmer — whose investigative journalist Janine Skorsky hasn’t been seen since Season 4 — is returning in a big way.

In November, Netflix stopped production of House of Cards‘ sixth season and severed its relationship with Spacey after several people — including Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp — accused the Oscar winner of sexual misconduct. Several past and present crew members of House of Cards told CNN that Spacey created a “toxic” work environment through alleged acts of sexual harassment and assault.

The following month, Netflix announced that the show will go on sans Spacey, with the sixth and final season now focusing on Robin Wright‘s Claire Underwood. In an eerie bit of unintentional foreshadowing, Season 5 ended with Wright’s newly-installed POTUS looking into the camera and declaring, “It’s my turn.”