This Is Us' Super Bowl Episode: How to 'Fire' Up the DVR to Not Miss Any of It

This Is Us Super Bowl Episode

This is… NBC’s plan to make sure your DVR doesn’t miss a single minute of This Is Us‘ next episode, which airs this Sunday night after Super Bowl LII’s post-game show ends.

For starters, the network has coded the 63-minute episode to start Sunday night at 10:15/9:15c and record for a total of 80 minutes, “to help prevent the recording from starting late or cutting off any portion of the episode.”

As one fail safe, NBC is advising fans of the family drama to also DVR the local newscast airing after This Is Us as well as Sunday night’s special live edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. (“Trust us, you don’t want to miss that last scene!” the network teases/taunts.)

“If all else fails,” NBC reminds you that the episode will be available Monday via Hulu and other digital/mobile platforms. Just be careful not to get burned by spoilers!

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