Supergirl Recap: The Blame Game

Supergirl Recap

A whole lot of finger pointing went down on Monday’s Supergirl.

The first finger belonged to Morgan Edge, who accused Lena of hacking into his car and sending it into the ocean. (It’s almost like you can’t casually tell someone to go to hell anymore without them framing you for their own attempted murder. What is this world coming to?)

The second finger — which was actually more like a fist — belonged to Guardian. When a poisoned cup of coffee nearly cost Lena her life, James suited up to give Edge a friendly warning: “You’d better tread carefully, because if anything happens to Lena Luthor, I will find you, and you won’t be walking away from that.” Of course, if James really wanted to do Edge a favor, he’d have warned him about Lillian Luthor, who vowed to get revenge on him for (allegedly) trying to poison Lena. (To be fair, Edge did non-allegedly try to kill Lena earlier this season, so it’s not like her vengeance wasn’t justified.)

Luckily for Edge, Lena has spent way too much time around Kara & Co., so she insisted that the gang prevent the assassination attempt, rather than letting Edge die at her mother’s (drone’s) hand. But while Lena was successful in sparing Edge’s life, her mother still crashed the party — with the damn Lexosuit! — looking for a fight.

Thanks to an eleventh-hour assist from Mon-El, Supergirl was able to apprehend Lena’s lunatic mother, before returning to the DEO for another awkward post-battle chat with her ex. “I know this is tough,” Mon-El began, “and I may not know much right now, but I do know that I’m committed to being the hero that you taught me to be. I hope you know that.”

Other things to discuss:

* Any idea why Purity was in Kara’s dream about the Worldkillers? How would she know about her if they haven’t met? (And I need a better answer than “it’s some kind of psychic Kryptonian link.”)

* I know we’re supposed to suspend our disbelief when it comes to Kara’s secret identity, but does Lena really think she had the “strangest dream” of flying to the DEO with Kara? (Follow-up thought: I’d really like to hear how Kara explained Mon-El fighting alongside Supergirl to Lena.)

* I’ve always operated under the assumption that Alex would end up adopting Ruby when Sam inevitably goes full Reign — but is anyone else getting vibes between Alex and Sam? This is a development I didn’t foresee (and one I could very well be imagining).

* I’m always down for a fatherly speech from J’onn, but was he stretching by equating Lena and Edge’s feud to the turmoil happening within the United States government?

Your thoughts on this week’s (filler) episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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