Scandal Recap: Quinn's Real Fate Revealed — For Real This Time

Scandal Recap

I never thought I’d be able to describe Scandal as “that show where Joe Morton screams at a dinosaur toy for an hour,” yet here we are.

Thursday’s episode — which promised to re-answer the question it half-answered last week — turned back the clock to five days before Quinn was killed… or, you know, wasn’t killed. It was one of those episodes where the characters retread past events from a different point of view.

We even relived part of Olivia and Rowan’s infamous “the reckoning is here!” dinner at that restaurant where everyone probably hates them. (When Rowan reserves those tables, does he request that no waiters bother him? If even one person were to accidentally overhear their conversations, the Popes would have some Lucy-level ‘splainin to do.)

Anyway, much of the episode involved Rowan yelling at the aforementioned dinosaur toy — which we later learned carried a direct video feed to Jake’s treehouse, or wherever B613 is physically stationed these days. Rowan was growing impatient waiting for Olivia to return #MYBONES in exchange for Quinn, but because this already happened, we know how it turned out. Liv took too long and Rowan shot Quinn.

But no! Thursday’s episode revealed that Rowan merely pretended to shoot Quinn, who begged to let her live until she gave birth. As it turns out, both mom and baby are still alive and well…ish. The man who helped deliver her baby, on the other hand, has seen better days. (R.I.P., pal!) Additionally, we learned that Quinn overheard Olivia asking Rowan for a fake body to bury or else “Huck would never stop looking for Quinn.”

Surely this can’t be good, right? After all, the cracks in Quinn’s loyalty to Olivia were already beginning to show during her stay in the basement, as a heavenly host of hallucinations appeared to fill her head with doubt. And judging by the promo for next week’s episode — in which Liv’s inner circle stages an intervention — there’s a lot of that going around.

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