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Beyond Star on That Season Premiere Surprise: 'My Heart Skipped a Beat'

Beyond Recap

If you thought you were taken aback by Charlie’s little reveal on Thursday’s season premiere of Beyond, just imagine how star Burkely Duffield felt reading that scene for the first time.

“My heart skipped a beat,” Duffield tells TVLine, recalling the moment he read that Holden’s estranged lady friend might be pregnant with his child. “There were no parentheses saying, ‘This is fake! Don’t worry about it!’ On the page, it was exactly as it was on the screen, so I remember being like, ‘Wait, did I read that right?’ It definitely took me by surprise.”

Much to Duffield’s relief, of course, it wasn’t long before Eden Brolin’s character removed her fake — yes, fake! — baby bump, a twist Duffield now considers “hilarious.”

But even though Charlie isn’t growing a tiny Holden inside of her, that doesn’t mean she’s out of his life completely. In fact, Duffield hints that a love triangle may soon rear its ugly head.

“Holden has this amazing past with Willa, and he knows she’s special to him, but then this girl Charlie seemingly popped out of nowhere,” he notes. “They’re similar in so many ways, and he still doesn’t quite understand their connection. They had this one weekend together with absolutely no closure, so it’s definitely something he’s thinking about.”

To complicate matters further, Holden is still determined to live a normal life, a goal Duffield admits will “unravel quite quickly. It was fun watching him shop for big-boy beds, but he isn’t able to stay in that normal phase, unfortunately.”

Generally speaking, the show’s second season “really gets to play around with the characters a lot more and their relationships,” Duffield says. “We also incorporated bigger action, bigger explosions, bigger everything. So there’s relationship drama and also very cool action elements.”

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