The Blacklist Recap: Mint Condition — Plus: Grade the Series' 100th Episode

The Blacklist

The Blacklist aired its 100th episode on Wednesday, and the NBC drama celebrated in style.

Liz, Reddington and the FBI task force have already concocted 99 other elaborate schemes to take down the world’s most dangerous criminals, but the plan carried out in this milestone hour was among the series’ most fun to watch. (Think Ocean’s Eleven — but with more vacuums!)

This week’s blacklister is Abraham Stern (played by Nathan Lane), who finds himself on a collision course with Red as they both try to locate a multimillion-dollar fortune. And it turns out that Abraham is slightly more entitled to the money than Red is, seeing as the dough is Abraham’s inheritance.

Abraham’s father worked for the U.S. Mint decades ago and, while he was there, managed to steal thousands of Federal Reserve notes worth $100,000 a pop. But when he was demoted at the Mint for stealing the cash — even though no one could actually prove he did it — he minted four unique bronze pennies that served as a map to where he stored the money. (The eventually-revealed hiding spot? The exact Mint office where he once worked! It’s always the place you least suspect, folks.)

Red and Abraham have the same goal — find all four pennies and locate the fortune before the other man does — and they ultimately decide to work together, agreeing to a 50/50 split of the money once they get their hands on it. Abraham tells Red the story of his father’s theft, the two bond over being crafty criminals and they come up with a ridiculously detailed scheme to rob the U.S. Mint offices… until, naturally, Abraham double-crosses Red, pointing a gun at him and confessing that he has no interest in splitting the money. It is Abraham’s birthright, after all, and he wants 100 percent of the moolah.

So, with the help of a sleek montage set to Saint Motel’s “My Type” — because nothing accompanies a heist better than a saxophone solo! — Abraham turns his plan into a solo operation and successfully locates the money, stashed away in the boiler room of Denver’s Mint offices. But just as Abraham begins stuffing the cash in bags, Red puts his own solo plan into motion, and manages to literally suction the cash out of Abraham’s hands and into a truck waiting outside. (I can’t adequately describe with words how this went down. Just know there were some industrial vacuums involved, and it was awesome.)

In the end, Red gets his fortune, and Abraham gets arrested after Red tips off the task force to Abraham’s Mint robbery. As for Liz, she spends the entire hour transforming into a blacklister herself, taking a page from The Stewmaker’s Season 1 playbook and dissolving the body of Bobby Navarro, whom she killed in last week’s installment. And when the National Police Department finds a bloody rag that Liz accidentally left behind while cleaning up Navarro’s body, she even goes so far as to break into the NPD’s evidence locker and steal the rag from their files, ensuring the lab won’t detect her prints on it. (In case you didn’t realize, Liz’s evolution into a full-blown antihero is well underway.)

But despite all the excitement of the 100th episode, what with the robbery and hydrochloric acid and such, the episode ends on a quiet note: Red exchanges the fourth and final bronze penny for a hat that Winston Churchill wore during World War II. And given Red’s penchant for fedoras, there’s perhaps no more fitting end to Episode 100 than for him to get a brand new hat. It’s the little things, y’know?

OK, your turn. What did you think of The Blacklist‘s 100th episode? Grade it in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the installment!

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