The Flash Recap: A Criminal Defense

Flash Recap Murder Trial

Secret speedsters apparently also get served super-quick justice, as evidenced by The Flash‘s midseason premiere.

Rushed to trial with Cecile (taking leave from the DA’s office, which I guess you can do) defending him, Barry was frankly steamrolled by prosecutor Anton Slater, all based on the evidence and opportunity we presumed going in. Restraining order. Harassment. Knife. DNA.

Motive? Pfft.

Even worse, we never saw Cecile stage any kind of defense — probably because no one thinks we want a superhero court trial longer than an episode, but come on. Marlize testified that Clifford went to the loft unaccompanied, so was his wheelchair found at the scene? No questioning of the timeline, seeing as DeVoe obviously died before Barry could have discovered the body?

And again — motive?

Things got so bad, so quickly, that Cecile urged Barry to take the stand and reveal himself as The Flash, but he refused. That is when Iris — after privately confronting Marlize about the DeVoes’ deplorable duplicity — decided to do whatever she was able to, on behalf of her own husband, and waltzed into the courtroom to out Barry. Barry, though, using some speedster trick that even he didn’t comprehend, stopped Iris mid-sentence and explained to her why his secret can’t get out. Because The Flash’s identity puts targets on loved ones, and they would all be on the run from then on, yada yada. Iris saw his point and instead merely attested to the judge that her husband is… innocent. Which is nice.

Even Ralph’s sneaked photos of Marlize kissing “Dominic Lanse” hit a dead end, when DeVoe’s wife explained that she had her husband’s blessing to satisfy her unmet “needs” with this strapping young man they met at an ALS gala. Which is also nice.

Forty-two minute story, short: Barry was found guilty of murder in the first, and at the end of a spiel by the judge that was pretty laughable in the way it painted the CSI as “inhumane,” was sentenced to life without parole. But hey, he got put in his dad’s old cell. Which is nice.

Before his sentencing, Barry stole a moment with “Dominic”/DeVoe, who assured his rival that “all avenues” would have led to his triumph. As for his grand plan, DeVoe found it “humorous” that Barry thinks he could even comprehend it. Still, Barry said that he will find a way out of his predicament, and when he does, he is coming after DeVoe, no matter whose meat suit he is wearing.

What did you think of The Flash‘s murder trial?

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