ANTM Recap: Who Got Bumped First?

America's Next Top Model Recap

Tuesday’s episode of America’s Next Top Model birthed a whole lot of drama.

The hour began at Venice Beach, with the remaining 15 contestants competing for a spot in Baja East’s show at New York Fashion Week. And with runway coach Stacey McKenzie on hand to critique the ladies’ walks, it became pretty clear which hopefuls are in it for the long haul (Coura and Jeana both spring to mind) and which are basically just taking up space at this point (see Liz and Ivana).

RUNWAY CHALLENGE WINNER: Khrystyana (“Being curvy and over 30, this gives me so much hope!”)

But it was the photo challenge, which required the models to don prosthetic baby bumps for a pregnancy photoshoot, that brought the real drama. Posing with a bun in the oven stirred some mixed emotions from the contestants, including Rhiyan, whose doctor told her she may never be able to conceive, and Brendi K., who recalled miscarrying at 18 due to an abusive boyfriend.

As the only woman in the competition to actually know what it’s like to give birth, Erin was particularly emotional — which Liberty, who’s a clear frontrunner for my least favorite contestant of the cycle, found unnecessary. “Are you here to shoot, or are you here to cry?” Liberty said in a confessional (because, you know, she’d never have the guts to say it to Erin’s face).



Despite several contestants receiving some pretty harsh critiques from the panel, it all came down to Brendi K. (who will cut you if you leave another half-eaten piece of fruit in the fridge!) and Maggie, whose “fake” personality was apparently reading as “rude.”

ELIMINATED: Maggie (“I’m just really bummed. I have many sides to me, and I felt kind of cut short and read off the wrong way. They just didn’t try with me. I really thought there was more for me here.” )

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