Handmaid's Tale: Marisa Tomei to Guest Star in Colony-Set Episode

The world of Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale is expanding to include Marisa Tomei. The Oscar winner has signed on to guest-star in Season 2’s second episode, which will be set in one of the never-before-seen colonies. The casting news was announced Sunday by series creator Bruce Miller at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.

Regarding Season 2’s shift to the colonies (which was made possible by a heftier budget), exec producer Warren Littlefield notes that in Margarent Atwood’s source material Offred (Elisabeth Moss) never actually ventures into the “forbidding” world. “In the narrative of the book, she never goes there,” Littlefield explains. “In Episode 2, we go to the colonies. And it’s an expansion of our world.”

Thematically, the new season — which bows Wednesday, April 25 — is largely “about motherhood,” teased Moss, referring to her alter ego’s pregnancy. “The child growing inside of her is a ticking time bomb. It’s a wonderful thing to have a baby, but she’s having it potentially in a world that she may not want to bring it into. Then if she does have the baby, the baby gets taken away from her and she can’t be its mother. It’s a very big part of the season. And it gets bigger and bigger as the show goes on.”