S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Semi-Sweet Escape

Agents of SHIELD Recap

(Most of) the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. reunited this Friday, and with no less than two hunters on their trail. In the end, who all escaped the Lighthouse? Meanwhile, how did May fare against the “roaches”?

After a banged-up Quake/”Destroyer of Worlds” escaped the Octagon with help from Fitz and Simmons, Kasius and his brother Faulnak each sicced their best warrior — a still-perturbed Sinara and a brute named Maston-Dar — after them. After Jemma changed, cleaned up and had Fitz pluck Kasius’ slave tech out of her ear (ouch!), they and Daisy could only watch in horror as their getaway car, Enoch’s spaceship, exploded outside in orbit. Afterward, in the course of scrambling about, Fitz discovered that gravitonium is used to generate the Lighthouse’s gravitational pull — just before Maston-Dar sneaked up on them to put a bullet in the scientist. Daisy went mano a mano with Maston-Dar, besting him even without her powers, after which she and FitzSimmons ran into Deke, who declared himself to be positively “Team S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Meanwhile, Coulson, Mack and Yo-Yo didn’t race to tell Flint about Tess’ fate, but eventually did, rattling the nascent Inhuman good. Mack gave the kid a pep talk, but later — after reuniting with Fitz and the others — realized that he was missing. Flint had slipped off to the site of Tess’ hanging to seemingly turn himself in, but in actuality turn a handful of pebbles into a crude-but-effective dagger, which he sent hurtling into The Vicar’s noggin. Flint didn’t get a chance to deal with the other guard, though, because Sinara showed up to KO the kid. Eavesdropping on it all, Daisy came out of the shadows to offer herself in trade, but Sinara was more than happy to claim them both as prizes. That’s when the rest of the team showed up to intervene, freeing both Daisy and Flint.

As the heroes reconvened in their ersatz base of operations, Maston-Dar began slowly but surely punching a hole in the wall next to the door Flint had barricaded with boulders. Deke had the idea for them each to use his anti-gravity gizmo to “float” up a service shaft to safety — just before Sinara, after coolly dispatching with her warrior rival, breached the room.

Sinara reported back to Kasius that Quake and the others had escaped — news that only fueled Faulnak’s distaste for his brother. When Sinara un-buried the headline that she killed Maston-Dar along the way, Faulnak presented himself to be impressed — and as such invited her to be his No. 1, and reap all the glory that comes with serving his father’s favorite son. Kasius snuffed that plan, though, by running through his brother with a spear. As Faulnak lay dying, Kasius came clean about the shameful past event that smeared his reputation — how it was Sinara who slayed his two generals during a futile battle, because she knew that Kasius was no fighter but a ruler. And she was happy to be his muscle/get her hands dirty in service of that. Now, provided they can reclaim Quake, they have the chance to deliver that grand prize and “avenge” Faulnak’s death in one shot, much to his father’s delight.

Coulson & Co. readied to flee the Lighthouse in a trawler that pilot-in-training Flint would not be steering, since he was resolved to stay behind and protect his people. Mack and Elena in turn stayed with the kid (their grandson perhaps?), while the others clambered aboard the tiny ship and trusted their fate to, well, the driver of a flying car. Coulson seemed to do fine enough, though a gravity storm on the Earth’s surface seemed to be getting the best of the trawler as we faded to black….

In the bonus scene, we see May — who earlier in the hour was rescued by Enoch from a pack of “roaches,” before someone/thing grabbed/saved them from the gravity storm — come to inside the Zephyr (!), where she was warmly welcomed by a seventysomething Robin aka The Seer!!

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