Will & Grace Recap: Is Val Bassett Still Crazy After All These Years?

will grace season 9 episode 9 recap molly shannon val bassett

Did somebody order a heaping helping of loco? Because one was certainly delivered in Thursday’s Will & Grace. Not only did Jack, ahem, bump into his onetime stalker Val Bassett (guest star Molly Shannon), but after all these years with Joe, Will and Grace’s old pal Larry lost his head over… Will! What the what?!? Read on.

As “There’s Something About Larry” began, Larry and Joe were showing Will and Grace photos of their daughter, now a collegian — for 40 minutes. “When will this nightmare end?” Grace asked Will when they were alone. Back in the living room, Larry burst into tears while trying to say that he was very happy now that he and Joe are empty-nesters. Before the conversation got too deep — or Larry and Grace’s impromptu “Sunrise Sunset” duet could go on for too long — Jack passed through to announce that he was becoming a Lyft driver with the help of a loaner car from Karen. And… scene!

The next day, no sooner had Jack and Karen gone “vroom” on his maiden voyage — not literally “vroom,” of course, after last week’s Trucks 4 Tykes trauma! — than they’d plowed into Val. “Hi, Jack,” she said, her face smushed against the windshield. Luckily, she wasn’t badly hurt. In fact, in the elevator, her neck pain made her sound so orgasmic that Jack cracked, “I wanna get hit by a car.” (Her pain and pleasure centers overlap, she explained, adding, “I’m in a medical journal.”) Still, she didn’t want to be taken to the hospital. All she needed was… to get Karen alone in her apartment! Here we uh-oh again!

While all that was going on, at the office, Grace had just gotten finished going easy on a bed builder who’d screwed up — and insisting that everything she did, she did with the bottom line in mind — when in walked Larry. “I’m here,” he announced, “for my very first day working in an office ever!” To which Grace could only say to Will, “Bottom line: Larry was sad, so I gave him a job.”

will grace season 9 episode 9 recap molly shannon val bassettIn no time, Will and Grace learned that Larry’s main skills were “crying and scrapbooking” — and siding with Will any time there was a debate. Finally, left alone with Larry, Grace got him to admit that he’d been faking his orgasms with Joe. What’s more, he’d come to realize that the answer to all his problems was, he’s in love with Will. Pictured: Grace’s subtle reaction. “You cannot tell him,” she insisted. “It would ruin your friendship.” Plus, what about Joe? “He has a big ass and can’t cook,” Larry said. “No offense, Grace.”

After serving Karen some tea that tasted like “liquid foot,” Val rejected her settlement offer and suggested that the tipsy socialite was in pain, too. In response, Karen admitted that she’d recently lost Rosario and ever since… hadn’t been able to find her cowboy boots. Back at Will and Grace’s place, she and Jack exchanged the news of the day. Just then, Jack got a text from Karen in which she revealed that Val had braided her hair and they’d gone for a walk. Sure that Val was scamming Karen, Grace sent Jack to the loon’s apartment to look for evidence. Then, when Will came home, Grace announced that she’d fired Larry. But he’s a great hire, Will had decided. Determined to remedy the situation, Will called Larry, saying, “Grace told me everything. We can make this work.” Which obviously gave him the completely wrong idea. He was even going to, ahem, trim before meeting Will at the office!

During the rendezvous, Will kept saying things that gave Larry the wronger and wronger idea. Like… he couldn’t just get behind Will. “You’ve gotta get behind Grace, too,” Will said. “I don’t like it, either. But I do it, too.” Things only got weirder when Will suggested they role-play. By the time Will had retrieved a snack for Larry, the poor, confused guy had stripped down… just in time for Grace to walk in. “Come to bed,” said Larry, “so I can get my part of this over with.” Ultimately, Larry concluded that he’d just been having a midlife crisis. And Joe wasn’t so bad. He has a man’s ass, at least, Larry said. “Sorry, Will.”

will grace season 9 episode 9 recap molly shannon val bassettAt Val’s, Jack discovered that his former stalker had a new stalkee — Karen! Val even had the kind of shrine to her new obsession that all TV and movie stalkers are required by law to put together. Busted by Val, Jack found himself bound with packing tape before he could blab to Karen. Later, when Karen arrived on the scene, Val admitted that yes, she had been stalking Karen — but not for her money, for her friendship. “What kind of sick game are you playing?” Karen asked before realizing that, hell, why wouldn’t everyone want to be her friend? That being the case, Karen volunteered to actually be Val’s pal. “You’re nuttier than a tree full of squirrels,” she said. But since they were the same blood type, Val might come in handy sometime.

As the episode drew to a close, Karen admitted to Jack that nah, they’d never see Val again. At which point, naturally, they ran her down with their car once more! So, what did you think of the episode? Val’s return? Larry’s crush? Hit the comments.