Runaways Finale Recap: Who Did Jonah Kill? And What's Down in the Hole?

Runaways Finale Jonah Killed Amy

Hulu’s newly renewed Marvel’s Runaways wrapped its freshman run by dropping a bombshell or two about Jonah’s agenda (and pursuit of it), before turning Karolina, Chase et al into actual runaways.

Opening with the construction pit showdown between PRIDE and progeny, the kids came out abilities a-blazing, though Old Lace was sidelined in short order by a tranq dart, while Chase’s fisticons proved useless against the energy shield projected by Tina’s staff. That set the stage for Karolina to get her glow on, but when Molly went to throw down (by throwing heavy drums), the superstrong moppet got zapped by ruthless Jonah.

Yes, Jonah has powers, too — of his daughter’s glowy kind. Going mano a mano with Karolina, he revved himself up to full power, leading into a Harry Potter vs. Voldermort-style battle of beams. As the other kids and a woozy Old Lace scrambled to safety, Karolina gave it her best, but ultimately was felled by dear ol’ Dad.

With Karolina left to recover inside Mama Dean’s super-private chamber at the church, the rest of the kids got to plotting their friend’s extraction — by sending Chase and Molly in as undercover street rats, and with an eventual assist from a sympathetic Gibborim stooge. Donning “disguises” and making camp in the Hollywood Hills, Chase opened up to Nico about his bona fide feelings for Gert, while Nico herself shared a warm reunion with Karolina, by initiating a kiss of her own.

The grown-ups, meanwhile, grappled with issues of distrust — coming off Jonah’s aforementioned zapping of the kids, followed by the Yorkses discovery that at the bottom of the pit being drilled is not some renewable energy source by some… thing, alive.

When PRIDE convened away from Jonah to take stock of their kids’ assorted powers (and prehistoric pets), Tina confirmed for everyone that Leslie was in fact behind the torching of Molly’s parents’ lab (unaware that their daughter was on the premises). It also came out that Jonah is so mission-driven that he killed Amy years ago, fearing that her Wizard hack had made her privy to the server’s videos of the sacrifices. With that revealed, Tina is understandably ready to remove their brutal beneficiary from the equation.

The kids planned to hightail it out of Los Angeles, and were about to start booking train tickets when the TV news began broadcasting a breaking news alert, saying that they were believed responsible for Destiny’s death! And on that note, the sextet (with Old Lace in tow) officially became… runaways.

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