Fire and Fury Author Explains Book Sourcing Woes to Colbert: In Trump White House, 'Everybody Is Lying'

After stirring up controversy (and enraging POTUS) with his book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, author Michael Wolff appeared on The Late Show Monday night to defend his work.

Wolff, who has recently been the target of President Trump’s ire on Twitter, admitted that he was surprised by the public’s reaction to his book, which seemed to puzzle host Stephen Colbert.

“You are surprised? You described the president as mentally unstable, unfit for the office… and he’s got the launch codes. Why wouldn’t that cause a splash?” (Wolff’s response: “Because I thought we knew this.”)

Wolff has also come under fire for the book’s lack of proper sourcing, resulting in anecdotes about the Trump administration that are not necessarily accurate. But the author told Colbert that it’s just the price of covering a White House as bizarre as President Trump’s.

“Everybody is telling you different stories. Everybody is lying in their own particular way, because that’s what you do in the Trump White House,” Wolff said, citing an example in which he combined two accounts of a fight between Steve Bannon and Hope Hicks, ultimately settling on his own version of the truth. “It was a combination. You have to believe neither of them in these situations.”

But despite the liberties he took with sources and interviews, Wolff assured Colbert that “you should believe all of [the book]. That’s the alarming thing: that this is all true.”

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