The Magicians Video: Eliot and Margo Name-Drop BSG, Buffy, GoT and More

How many pop culture references is too many? Trick question! There’s no such thing for The Magicians‘ Eliot and Margo in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s Season 3 premiere (Syfy, 9/8c).

In the scene, Eliot has an epiphany about how the gang’s fairy rivals are always one step ahead, and his explanation involves the beloved Syfy drama Battlestar Galactica, of which Margo is definitely a fan. (“I love it when they do terrorism allegory with mostly white people,” she comments.)

“You’re Grace Park, Margo,” Eliot informs his friend, who is shocked to realize she’s — super old spoiler alert for BSG! — “an unwitting sleeper agent,” thanks to her eye.

The pair then launch into a coded conversation, full of TV and movie shoutouts, as subtitles reveal what they’re really saying. “Someone is XOXO Gossip Girl-ing our s–t,” Eliot explains. Subtitle translation: “Someone hidden in plain sight is spying on us.”

So what are the King and Queen of Fillory to do? “Whatever your Marsden XOXOs, Cersei XOXOs. So we have to keep it very best episode of Buffy,” Eliot instructs, to which Margo replies, “Oh, musical!” Not quite.

Press PLAY above to watch the hilarious scene, which also includes Harry Potter and Britney Spears references, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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