Will & Grace Recap: Bread Over Heels

will grace season 9 episode 8 recap nick offerman

Hope cutting down on carbs wasn’t your New Year’s resolution: Guest star Nick Offerman’s “Bad Boy of Bread” was on the menu in Thursday’s episode of Will & Grace, the NBC hitcom’s first since its Christmas special. How did the titular besties handle the fact that they were both dating the same man? Well, first they had to find out that they were both dating the same man!

As “Friends and Lover” began, Will and Grace were enjoying another night of “Netflix and chillingly boring,” as Jack put it. When they decided to just watch regular TV — yes, that’s still a thing — they accidentally stumbled upon a commercial for Trucks 4 Tykes and had a “big Winona Ryder overreaction” (thanks, Jack) to its insidiously catchy jingle. Jack scoffed at the notion that it would lodge itself in anyone’s head, but he was already singing it by the time he left. And the next day, he was still singing it. And got Karen singing it, too.

Meanwhile, Will and Grace, in an effort not to become couch potatoes, signed up for a baking class being taught by Extreme Bread host Jackson Boudreaux (Offerman), whose manly declaration that there was no difference between breadmaking and lovemaking (“We need both, and we knead both”) left the twosome doughy-eyed. In turn, they also caught Jackson’s eye, Grace with her “ashtray” (it was a bread bowl) and special kind of “damaged,” Will with his loaf (“My challah makes the boys holla”) and “so you”-ness. By the time class was dismissed, Grace was looking forward to a date with the teacher that Will knew nothing about and vice versa. And it seemed like they wouldn’t soon be discovering that they were both seeing Jackson, either: He asked them each to keep their involvement a secret. After all, although “I hate the term celebrity,” he said, “I’m a very big one.”

A commercial break later, Will had already slept with Jackson and was blabbing to Jack. (His response: “Well, squirt me into a donut, because I’m officially jelly!”) Will didn’t have to worry about Jack telling Grace, either, because he was too distracted by that damn jingle. Sing something else, Will suggested. Tried it, didn’t work, Jack replied. “That thing swats away other songs like Lindsay Lohan swats away second chances!” For a moment, it appeared that Will had scared the jingle out of Jack’s head by fibbing that Riverdale had been cancelled. Alas, the jingle was back before Jack was even out the door!

will grace season 9 episode 8 recap nick offermanOver coffee, Karen — suffering from the same malady as Jack — learned from Grace that she had had sex with Jackson. “Now remind me again,” said Karen. “He’s your doorman?” From there, we cut to a couple of cute vignettes in which Will and Grace could have easily discovered that they were both being served the same breadstick. Finally, Grace caught Will bringing a second cup of coffee to his bedroom in the morning, and out came Jackson. Confused, Grace asked, “Did we have sex last night?” No, last night was Will’s night. Jackson seemed almost as surprised to discover that they didn’t know they were both sleeping with him as they were to discover that they were both sleeping with him.

Before departing, Jackson predicted that “we are gonna have an amazing journey together.” However, once he was out the door, Will and Grace’s discomfort suggested that that journey was going to be an awfully short one. Their infamous competitiveness even reared its feisty head when they both received texts inviting them to a party at Jackson’s loft. When they arrived, they found that they were the only guests. Um, why? Because Jackson figured the next natural stop on their journey was “to experience each other simultaneously.” Will and Grace lied that they were fine with that, and even made it as far as Jackson’s bedroom. But when he suggested that they get started, they ran like their lives depended on it!

will grace season 9 episode 8 recap nick offermanAs the episode drew to a close, Jack and Karen, having been unable to slap the jingle out of one another, were in the ER, hoping a doctor could clear their heads, when in came Jackson, who’d been poisoned by the snake-venom bread he’d served Will and Grace (which they’d wisely spat out). Seeing him, Jack blabbed that Will was sleeping with the baker, and Karen blabbed that Grace was sleeping with him “and her doorman!” Miraculously, the idea of Will and Grace being “one penis away from actually having sex with each other” dislodged the jingle from Jack and Karen’s heads. They were cured!

Jackson being Jackson, he couldn’t help but come on to Karen. Her perfect response — since Offerman is Megan Mullally’s real-life husband — “So not my type.” So, what did you think of “Friends and Lover”? Hit the comments.

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