Project Runway All Stars Premiere: Which Designer Was Eliminated First?

Sixteen defeated designers returned to the workroom Thursday for the sixth season of Project Runway All Stars to take one more shot at success — and a few shots at one another along the way.

The premiere event pitted eight former All Stars — Anthony Williams, Carlos Casanova, Ari South, Joshua McKinley, Melissa Fleis, Fabio Costa, Ken Laurence and Helen Castillo — against eight newcomers — Kimberly Goldson, Amanda Valentine, Stanley Hudson, Charketa “Char” Glover, Merline Labissiere, Candice Cuoco, Edmond Newton and Kelly Dempsey — for what host Alyssa Milano assured them would be the only team challenge of the season. (I swear, Milano, if you’re lying to us…)

Following a rowdy fashion-related relay challenge, the rookies were tasked with designing a “fierce!” fall collection, while the veterans were given an equally “fierce!” spring collection to create. It wasn’t the most exciting premiere — for a major team challenge, there was surprisingly little designer-on-designer conflict — but as always, it gave us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the rest of the season.

Merline’s look (pictured left) scored the season’s first big win, while Casanova’s (pictured right) earned him the season’s first elimination:

Project Runway All Stars

“We had major issues with the choices you made this week,” Milano told Casanova before giving him the boot, reminding him that he’s done this before and that there’s “no excuse” for this kind of work. (Ouch.)

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