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Grownish Recap Series Premiere

Here’s a discovery Zoey Johnson probably won’t be sharing with Dre and Rainbow the next time they call their baby girl: “Oh my God, I’m a drug addict and the help!”

And that was just one of several revelations Yara Shahidi‘s character stumbled upon during the series premiere of Freeform’s grown-ish, the highly anticipated spinoff of ABC’s black-ish, which chronicled Zoey’s first few weeks as a freshman at California University.

Perhaps the best way to tackle Wednesday’s two-part premiere is to examine the new friends (and potentially more-than-friends) Zoey has made thus far:

* Ana (played by Francia Raisa) is Zoey’s new roommate, a devout Catholic Republican with whom she surprisingly clicks immediately — until Ana pukes in a kiddie pool at a college party, only to have Zoey ditch her in her hour of need. Zoey eventually apologizes, prompting Ana to drop her middle finger and open her heart.

* Vivek (played by Jordan Buhat), immediately established as one of the campus’ premier drug dealers, welcomes Zoey to the Wonderful World of Adderall to help her finish a paper on Judge Judy Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She swears she’s not going to make the pill her “thing,” but the final scene of the episode — during which Zoey pops one more for a late-night booty call with Aaron — suggests otherwise. Oh, and speaking of Aaron…

* Aaron (played by Trevor Jackson) is a sophomore who immediately catches Zoey’s eye — and not just because he’s somehow hot enough to pull off a duck tail. Always down for a protest, including taking a stand against the college changing its blackboards to whiteboards, Aaron appeals to Zoey’s socially conscious side. And, you know, the whole “hot enough to pull off a duck tail” thing.

* Nomi (played by Emily Arlook), described as “not your typical Jewish American Princess,” is a sexually adventurous freshman — the second half of the premiere literally finds her questing to sleep with Jason Derulo — who aims to open Zoey’s eyes to all that college has to offer.

* Luca (played by Luka Sabbat) is basically a walking joint — and lest you disagree, remember that he literally pulls one from his hair midway through the premiere. He’s also a super talented designer.

* Jazz and Sky Forster (played by Chloe and Halle Bailey) are actual models whose picture-perfect smiles conceal their less-than-perfect behavior. Zoey puts it best when she describes them as “the twins from Tyler Perry’s The Shining.”

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