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X-Files Spoilers

Which X-Files episodes is a special “One”? Will a triangle bedevil Lucifer fans? Which CBS hero has a secret wife? Who on Once Upon a Time will unwittingly wed a witch? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

I’ve been trying to stay away from X-Files spoilers, but I need a little bit of scoop… just a bit! —Martha
According to TVLine’s resident X-pert, Kim Roots, Mulder/Scully ‘shippers will be very happy with Episode 3 of the new season, which is titled “Plus One.” The same hour also makes creative use of an actress familiar to longtime fans.

Got any scoop on Lucifer? Anything on the devil and his detective? —Tijana
As a matter of fact, Tom Ellis had this tantalizing bit to share during our recent Q&A: “As we push towards the end of the season there is a huge Lucifer/Chloe storyline that also involves Pierce, and it becomes this kind of love triangle. There are some really lovely moments for Lucifer and Chloe as we build toward our big, big finish, which I can’t spoil right now. But it’s very Deckerstar-centric — our fans will be happy!”

NCIS New OrleansAny scoop on NCIS: New Orleans? —Hollie
In the Tuesday, Jan. 23 episode of the CBS drama, Lasalle (played by Lucas Black) must urgently head back home to Alabama mid-case. While there, his father’s request to have him take over the family business will again be pushed upon him, leaving Lasalle torn between a life he wants and one Dad wants.

It may be a long-shot since he’s back in the “past,” but any chance we’ll see Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Hunter again this season? —Betsy
“Who knows! You know what Marvel’s like…,” Nick Blood reminds. “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is always full of surprises, and things can change overnight. Like, I don’t think anyone expected Brett Dalton to return, and yet he did [for Season 4C]. You never know in this world, but I’m sure I will be the last to be told their plans!”

Is there any hope for The Originals‘ Elijah and Hayley to get back together? –Tulsi
Never say never — especially on a show like The Originals, where literally anything can happen — but it doesn’t sound like Elijah and Hayley will be reuniting anytime soon. Series creator Julie Plec says she enjoyed getting to craft new beginnings for the show’s characters in Season 5 now that they’ve all had to go their separate ways. “Being able to write a narrative for Elijah that allowed him to live an entirely different life and imagining what that life would look like was a lot of fun,” she says, promising “a whole bunch of new dynamics” to come. (The recent casting of Jaime Murray as Elijah’s new vampire “friend” also doesn’t bode well for your question.)

MacGyverCan you give us any scoop on MacGyver‘s Mac, Jack or Cage?– Kriszti
Show boss Peter M. Lenkov tells Inside Line that in the back half of Season 2 (which resumes Friday), Mac gets closer to finding his father, while Jack discovers he has a wife that he’s never met!

Still waiting on some info about The Making of the Mob, a great series. Coming back, or no? —MadMan
That would be a no — there are no plans for another season of the AMC series.

I want to see who Zelena is marrying on Once Upon a Time. Is it someone we know, or someone new? —Candace
Deep into Season 7B, “We are going to meet her (yet-to-be-cast) fiancé, and he is, as she said, someone from the real world,” Once co-created Eddy Kitsis confirms. “The last time we had someone fall in love with someone from the real world, they turned out to be a flying monkey, so we wanted to explore what would it really mean if you fell in love with someone who has no idea you’re the Wicked Witch — and if you told them would think you’re crazy!”

Any teases for the upcoming episodes of Blindspot? — Erin
Despite Reade having a girlfriend, series creator Martin Gero isn’t counting out a Reade/Zapata romance — but Zapata will first need to admit how she feels about her colleague and friend. “It’s going to be a slow burn. Zapata’s not the best at talking about her feelings. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not,” Gero laughs. “Part of her feels like she had her chance. Reade kissed her last season and she shut him down. He does have a girlfriend. He’s thinking about getting engaged. Does she really want to disrupt all of that for him? We’ll see where it goes.”

Hawaii Five-0Any scoop on Hawaii Five-0? — Jillian
Tani will be tasked with going undercover in an upcoming episode — somewhat against her druthers. “She does it begrudgingly, but I think she ends up kind of liking it,” Meaghan Rath told me. And as typical on TV procedurals, you can expect Tani’s undercover persona to cast her in a comedic new light. “I always love doing comedy,” says Rath, “so it felt like I was in a new show for a second.”

Is there anything on Chicago Med you can share? I’d especially love some Manstead-scoop. —Mandy
This Tuesday’s episode finds the couple’s “alone time” constantly interrupted. But pair is soon faced with a bigger problem than finding a place to make out when Will starts taking on the symptoms of a patient, leaving him with no feeling in his lower legs.

Crazy Ex-GirlfriendWill we get to meet anyone from Rebecca’s group therapy in the second half of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3? — Katie H.
“Yes! And they first appear in Episode 8,” series co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna tells Inside Line. “There are two women, two men, and one is a familiar face. They recur a couple more times in the season.”

Any scoop on The Fosters would be greatly appreciated. —Eddie
Jude and Noah share a very sweet moment in the Season 5B premiere (airing Tuesday, Jan. 9), but trouble is on the horizon for the couple. In his new gig as a gay influencer in the gaming world, aka “a gaymer,” Jude “meets a new boy who’s sort of interesting and might cause some friction between him and Noah,” executive producer Joanna Johnson previews.

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