What Did Lucifer's Flashback Episode Reveal That We Didn't Already Know?

Lucifer Recap Season 3 Episode 11

This week on Lucifer, the Fox drama aired the last of the “bonus” standalone episodes that had been filmed at the close of Season 2. What did this flashback to the Devil’s years-ago return to the City of Angels reveal that we perhaps didn’t already know?

♦ Bored in Hell and having not headed topside since the 1970s, Lucifer sneaked off for a return visit. Amenadiel followed, to ensure his brother returns to his post in the Underworld.

♦ Amenadiel was a total drip while roaming L.A., but not above donning some terribly touristy garb while searching for the man who shot him in an alley and took off with his “priceless beyond measure” necklace.

♦ Amenadiel beseeched Lucifer to help get said necklace back, in trade for a favor to (indeed) be named later….

♦ Still married at the time, Dan encouraged officer Chloe to show the initiative needed to make detective.

♦ Though they never laid eyes on each other, Lucifer visibly sensed Chloe’s presence when she was standing next to him at a club.

♦ Lucifer doesn’t need a key to start up a Corvette he appropriates, and instead just… wills it to happen.

♦ Amenadiel very, very briefly (and very unwittingly) co-starred in a porno, when intending to interview the girlfriend of a suspect.

♦ Overwhelmed by the options available to her for her first Earthly torture session, Maze nearly used an ornate toilet plunger on a guy. But instead used sex to get what she needed.

♦ During this flashback case, Chloe had her first run-in with Charlotte Richards’ wig — and despite an initial hiccup, wound up gaining the upper hand with the legal eagle.

♦ Lucifer had/has issues with being pigeonholed as the “evil” son, to the point that he once slugged it out, bloodily and brutally, with Amenadiel in an MMA ring, until his point was made.

♦ By “stealing” and having Maze put the screws to the killer, and then leaving the whimpering guy where he found him, Lucifer in a small way helped Chloe close the case and presumably score her promotion.

♦ Having decided that he is “no angel” — and taking a human’s advice to “rebel” against Dad by moving to L.A. — Lucifer insisted on abandoning his father just as he himself had been abandoned and making his visit permanent. And to that end, he called in his “favor” with Amenadiel… before tasking Maze with slicing off his wings.

What did you think of the flashback episode, whose “You’re the Best Around” training montage is already penciled in for one of the Funniest Moments of 2018?

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