The Gifted Recap: Give 'Em Hellfire — Plus, Campbell Reveals New Weapon

Skyler Samuels Gifted Regular

This week on The Gifted, in the Fox freshman’s antepenultimate episode, the mutant underground squabbled over the emergence of the Frost sisters and to whom exactly they pose a triple threat.

When last we tuned in, Esme’s sisters Sophie and Phoebe were among those sprung from Trask, during the mutants’ semi-successful attempt to waylay Sentinel Services’ Hound program, by freeing the lab subjects. In one of this week’s first scenes, we see the trio meet with (whom the credits list as) William, a “finance guy” who helps keep the Hellfire Club, with which they are all associated, in the black and running.

Sharing a “hive mind” and possessing the ability to plant thoughts at close-ish range, the Frosts represent a valuable asset to the mutant fight. When the girls show up at the way station, Marcos (somewhat ironically, given his mob enforcer past/present) thinks their first display of decidedly deadly force runs afoul of the underground’s X-Men-instilled tenets, while Lorna (somewhat ironically, given the lip she gave Marcos for doing mobster Carmen’s bidding) thinks they are precisely what they need to give as good as they get from the ruthless Sentinel Services/Dr. Campbell combo.

The in-fighting spurs Reed and Caitlin to suggest to the kids that they resume their plan to move on, down to Mexico. Both Lauren and Andy at first balk at the idea of bailing on the underground, though the former eventually finds peace with the idea. And with guidance from Marcos et al, they make tracks for, at first, a smaller way station in Fairburn, where Lauren reunites with mirage-creating Wes. Back at HQ, meanwhile, Lorna tells Esme that they are wise to the “terrorist group” with which the sisters are aligned. Esme is moved to point out to Lorna that her true father, the unnamed Magneto, was himself not only a member of the Hellfire Club, but one of its Kings — making his progeny “royalty.” Afterward, Lorna reveals to Marcos that her pregnancy seems to be amping up her powers, to the point that she can slam shut the vault door from far away without so much as flicking a finger.

Dr. Campbell circles back with Turner after Agent Weeks’ funeral to mention that the next phase of his experiments is ready for a demo. Visiting Trask, Turner is told of the doctor’s plan to merge any two mutants’ powers, Fenris-like, into something different and markedly more dangerous. Campbell suggests a field test, and sure ’nuff, the target is the Fairburn way station, where two otherwise “meh” Hounds are biologically connected via a manacle to create a force that rips the front windows off the building, then yank mutants out (non-lethally). Wes does his best to conceal the Struckers’ presence, but his power can only hold for so long, and Sentinel Services agents begin surrounding the place.

Just then, having been tipped off by police chatter, Johnny, Marcos, Lorna and Clarice arrive on the scene, portal into the building to grab their friends, and then spirit everyone into back woods. Concussed during the Hounds’ attack, Andy “hears” the Frosts telling them to take a certain path to safety, where the sisters await with SUVs to speed everyone away. Later at HQ, Andy shrugs off any thanks for helping fend off the Hounds, instead giving full credit to the Frosts — who are across the room assuring Marcos & Co. that, if the underground is on board, they can get them to Dr. Campbell to “end this” once and for all.

While the U.S. government greenlights an escalated deploy of Campbell’s new Hounds tech, the Frosts report back to William, who warns the girls that the Inner Circle is most unhappy with their bold moves as of late. Esme counters that they simply did what needed to be done, that no one need fear the Struckers have been “lost,” and the mutant underground is now willing to (unwittingly) assist their cause… whatever it may be.

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