Great American Baking Show Season 3 Winner Revealed... on Facebook

The Great American Baking Show has unceremoniously announced its latest winner following ABC’s decision to pull the show from its primetime schedule after judge Johnny Iuzzini was accused of sexual misconduct.

In a short video quietly posted to the show’s Facebook page (which you can watch below), Vallery Lomas was revealed to be the winner of Season 3, with Cindy Maliniak and Molly Brodak finishing as runners-up. The clip contains footage from the unaired episodes, and manages to edit around Iuzzini for the most part. He is briefly seen towards the end from the back only, after Lomas is revealed as this year’s confectionary champion.

Lomas later appeared in a Facebook Live video, explaining to fans that “because of the actions of Johnny Iuzzini, we are not able to broadcast the show as was originally planned.” ABC made the decision to pull the remaining Baking Show episodes on Dec. 13, after Iuzzini was accused of sexual harassment and mistreatment by several of his former employees at the New York restaurant Jean-Georges. According to one women, Iuzzini often stuck his tongue in her ear; others claim he used kitchen utensils to touch their buttocks.

“The show being pulled… was a small road bump,” Lomas continued. “If that’s something that I have to shoulder and the other contestants have to shoulder so that we can stand around this issue, and make sure that this is something that gets addressed and that women in this country and in our society have safe spaces, then that’s something we gladly bear.”

Are you surprised by Baking Show‘s Season 3 winner based on what little you’ve actually seen? Still bummed the show had to be pulled in the first place? Drop a comment below.