New X-Files Video Shows Mulder Spooning Scully (This Is Not a Drill)

Attention X-Philes everywhere: Christmas has come early.

Fox has released a new extended promo for X-Files Season 11 (bowing Jan. 3 at 8/7c) and it features not one, not two but three glimpses of Mulder spooning Scully in bed. 

Series star David Duchovny previously teased to TVLine there are “definite intimations of hanky-panky” between the on-again/off-again pair in the 10-episode season (and he clearly wasn’t kidding). The above featurette also addresses Season 10’s cliffhanger ending, with series creator Chris Carter promising “a really interesting dramatic solution” to the crisis raised in the finale.

Duchovny notes that increasing the episode order from six to 10 this season has allowed the show to focus more Mulder/Scully “partnership… and banter.” Adds Gillian Anderson: “”It feels more like quintessential X-Files this season.”

Press PLAY above and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/hopes/wishes re: Season 11.