One Day at a Time: Meet Penelope's New Love Interest — 2018 FIRST LOOK

Looks like Lydia’s gonna have to settle for her daughter bringing home a hunky EMT.

TVLine has your exclusive first look at One Day at a Time Season 2 (releasing Friday, Jan. 26 on Netflix), featuring 2 Broke Girls alum Ed Quinn as Penelope’s new love interest: an emergency medical technician who, coincidentally, happens to be named Max, just like his former sitcom fiancée.

As it turns out, Penelope and Max have a bit of a history, having served together while stationed in Kabul. Sparks fly when they’re reunited at the hospital, as seen in the above photo from Episode 3.

In addition to 2 Broke Girls, Quinn’s previous TV credits include Syfy’s Eureka and ABC’s Mistresses.

Scroll down for another new photo featuring an all suited-up Elena and little brother Alex, then hit the comments and tell us if you’re looking forward to Season 2.