Empire Fall Finale Recap: A Confession, a Comeback and... a Death?

The escalating Lyon-Dubois war came to a head in Wednesday’s Empire fall finale, and, yes, there were casualties. There was also a long overdue confession, a sudden twist in the custody battle over baby Bella and, in the episode’s closing seconds, a shocking return and a kidnapping all rolled into one.

Let’s review the major developments:

Warren came crawling back to Jamal begging for forgiveness and offering top-secret intel on his psycho mom Diana. Jamal inhaled the info and quickly passed it on to mom and pops, who then set in motion an elaborate plan to publicly humiliate — and implicate — the entire Dubois family at their beloved Captain’s Ball. Their plot (mostly) worked. Diana was carted off in handcuffs for kidnaping Bella. The Dubois family name was left in tatters. But Angelo escaped the ensuing dumpster fire in search of his traitorous cousin Warren. He found him and shot him in the shoulder. But before he could unload another bullet in him, Jamal tackled him. A scuffle ensued, the gun went off, and… Angelo fell to the ground and possibly maybe died.

In the wake of last week’s psychotic break, Andre was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, where he remained mute until the end of the hour when he groggily confessed to Lucious that he was the one who engineered last May’s car bombing that claimed his leg (and nearly his life). But before Lucious could declare, “WTF,” someone drove an XL dose of Jesus Juice into his neck. Turns out, the someone is… Demi Moore’s Claudia! The nutty nurse apparently spent the last three or so weeks quietly transforming into Kathy Bates from Misery, because the next thing we know she’s standing over a captive and tied-up Lucious with a fresh strain of crazy in her eyes. “My sweet, sweet Dwight,” she cooed. “I told you I would never leave you. Never.”

Other highlights from Empire‘s last episode of 2017:

* Hakeem blackmailed Anika into giving him primary custody of Bella. “You will no longer use her as a pawn to get to me or my family,” he icily informed her.

* Lucious gave Cookie an ultimatum: “Either you’re moving into my bedroom, or you’re moving out of the house.” She opted for Plan B.

* Eddie (Forest Whitaker) was Bernie Madoff’d. Not sure where the show is going with that particularly twist, but I imagine it involves him using his power at Empire for bad.