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Jane the Virgin Boss Talks [Spoiler]'s Kiss, Latest Anezka Twist and More

Jane the Virgin Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Friday’s Jane the Virgin.

Jane the Virgin‘s fall finale on Friday rekindled an old flame when Rafael took his own advice to “be brave” and planted a surprise kiss on the titular heroine. But will Jane, who is still nursing a broken heart, want to get back together with her baby daddy?

Elsewhere in the romance department, Alba rejected Jorge’s proposal, even though she had every intention of accepting, and Rogelio reluctantly agreed to go to couples counseling with Xo.

Meanwhile, Anezka went from “not really dead” to “truly dead” when she plummeted from a balcony during a confrontation with Petra.

Below, executive producer Jennie Urman weighs in on that smooch and how Petra will feel about a possible Jane/Raf reunion. The EP also explains Alba’s sudden change of heart and previews Xo and Ro’s marital issues.

TVLINE | Why was now the right time to revisit that relationship between Jane and Rafael in a romantic sense?
Whether it is or isn’t is going to be a question as we come back from our break. Jane has just cycled through this heartbreak with Adam. She had taken a step forward in her grieving over Michael, and she had allowed herself to fall in love again. Rafael sees a small window, and he decides to step into it and go with his heart. We see that, in the past, there was a moment where he almost did it, but he didn’t. It felt like the right time for the series and for the two of them, where they still have so much to unpack and so much to get over. A lot of the hurt and the actions that were taken in the first half of the season are still there.

Jane the Virgin RecapBut this journey is really reminding us who Rafael is in Jane’s life, and how he’s been the person who’s always inspired her to go after her dreams and to dream big and to take a chance and be a writer. That feeling of somebody who believes in her throughout her journey has been a part of their romantic connection all the way through, and this story was about that, in a lot of ways, and about her leaning on him in that way when she was feeling like she wasn’t such a success. Somebody being your champion and believing in you and your talent and your dream, and believing that you have it in you is one of the most romantic feelings that one can have. So it felt right that it came out of that moment and a reminder of who Rafael [is to Jane], not only as the father of Mateo, but also somebody who has really always championed her as a writer, which is so meaningful and moving for Jane.

TVLINE | Does that mean Jane feels the same way? The kiss looked reciprocated.
You’ll have to wait until we come back! It certainly looked romantic.

TVLINE | Does the fact that she’s coming off a breakup inform where her head space is regarding this development?
Yeah, I mean, everything is going to be in the soup as they unpeel what happened at the end of Episode 7. The fact that she just got out of a relationship is one of the many, many factors that she is thinking about, as well as that kiss.

Jane the Virgin RecapTVLINE | Considering her part in this complicated family/love triangle, will Petra have an opinion on the two of them possibly getting back together?
She definitely has an opinion. She’s not feeling romantic for Rafael anymore, so it’s not about jealousy for Petra. But it does change the family structure, so she would definitely have a point of view.

TVLINE | I know in the episode, the narrator said Anezka is “Ned Stark dead,” but I’m just going to double, triple confirm that she is really dead, because you never know with this show.
[Laughs] She is really dead. She had a grand, two-part episode death. But she is really dead now.

TVLINE | We didn’t see what led up to her falling. Is there a mystery surrounding whether Petra pushed her, or whether Anezka fell over accidentally?
What happened in that room is something that we will be revisiting and unwinding, certainly.

Jane the Virgin RecapTVLINE | Moving on to a very different cliffhanger: Alba said no! What happened?!
She’s not one hundred percent sure, and she unwinds that over the next couple of episodes as well. She thinks it was one thing, and then it becomes about something deeper for her. I don’t want to get too much into it because I think it’s a good story for Alba.

TVLINE | We saw some troubling signs of marital discord between Xo and Rogelio. Is couples counseling going to help, or is there more trouble on the way for the two of them?
There are ups and downs for them, and they’re getting used to being newlyweds, and newlyweds with a child, so that’s going to continue. But they’re committed to their relationship, and they definitely go to couples counseling. Rogelio finds he enjoys it more than he thought he would.

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