Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trawler

Agents of SHIELD Season 5

This week on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson and Daisy each went looking for something, while Jemma did her best to help an Inhuman — for better or for worse.

His interest piqued by the hidden notebook he found in the late Virgil’s quarters, Coulson came to suspect that a recurring number that had been jotted down represented the location of an object in space. Thanks to some quick thinking by Tess, Coulson and Mack got invited along on a trawler run, piloted by May. Aboard the ship, Coulson realized that the small “globe” that Virgil always had with him had tucked inside a missing knob from a trawler cabinet. Inside, they found a radio, through which they heard a faint transmission. (No, it wasn’t the French woman.)

Alas, just as they found this radio, Grill’s right-hand man Zev entered the cockpit, quickly clicking on everyone’s magnetized metrics. But seeing that Coulson and the others were effectively tethered to the ship, May steered them into some debris, which sent Zev flying. A scuffle ensued, best it could with Coulson and Tess “stuck” to the walls, but luckily Mack showed up to waylay Zev with a much-deserved crushing blow.

Knowing the lethal penalty for attacking a superior, Tess lobbied to “accidentally” dump Zev’s body out of the trawler, but Mack and the others wouldn’t subscribe to her “life spent, life earned” credo. Instead, arriving back at the salvage pen, they faced the music for having been “caught” smuggling, though Tess tried to take all the blame. Everyone wound up getting off scot-free, however, when Yo-Yo used her zippy moves to plant a gun on Zev — a big no-no for humans. So, with a hint of regret, Grill turned his No. 1 over to “the blues” for punishment. And at episode’s end, we see that Zev had been left on the uninhabitable slice of existing Earth, where he is quickly descended upon by “roaches.”

Coulson & Co. meanwhile sneaked away to give a listen to the radio transmission, which seemed to indicate that someone on Earth had been in contact with Virgil regarding his receipt of the “delegation” — meaning, them.

Meanwhile, on the Kasius side of the story….

Kasius anxiously awaited a visit from the esteemed Lady Basha, but not before he tasked Jemma with “fixing” a young Inhuman girl, Abby (Red Band Society‘s Ciara Bravo), who had yet to finesse her power (to regulate the density of the atoms in her body) and instead was seizing up. Jemma counseled Abby to imagine the spaces between her protons, neutrons and electrons as the distance between stars, which she can open and close. Some progress was made before Abby was led away to her “performance” for Lady Basha. In a small arena, Abby was pitted against one of Basha’s “champions.” The beefy gladiator of sorts got in some brutal slugs and tosses, and was about to unleash his finishing move when Jemma from the cheap seats nudged Abby to recall their lesson. So when the brute threw his next, mighty punch, it was like his fist hit a concrete wall, shattering his arm. When he tried another assault, Abby’s arm phased into his body… before going “solid” again, inside him, killing him.

A pleased Basha paid Kasius a hefty sum for the trained Inhuman girl. Kasius, however, was yet to discover a far more valuable asset. Because Daisy, in the course of using a Kree scroll (niftily stolen by Yo-Yo) to explore the facility and hopefully find Simmons, walked into a trap, where she was sealed inside a chamber that filled with knockout gas. Kasius then showed up to survey the captured Inhuman, whom Deke explained with some fanfare was the one and only Quake, “destroyer of worlds.”

Had Deke indeed betrayed Daisy? Or was he, as he called back, “playing the long game,” and this is his way to get her inside Kasius’ inner circle, where Jemma is?