Arrow Fall Finale Recap: There's No Spy in Team — Plus: An Alliance Revealed!

Arrow Rene FBI Snitch

This Thursday in the Arrow fall finale, two big reveals threatened to cripple the team — from the outside and from within.

But first, some post-wedding revelry, in the form of a formal celebration of Mayor Queen’s marriage to Felicity Smoak. There, we got to check in on parents-of-the-bride Donna and The Calculator Noah, who seem to be back in each other’s lives (off-screen); see that Thea and William are the cutest aunt/nephew combo ever; and groan was lovelorn Curtis laid into a drunken ramble that questioned if love truly exists. (Thankfully, Rene stepped in to pay proper tribute to what Oliver and Felicity have found.)

Alas, just as he and Donna were somewhat awkwardly but sweetly reconnecting, Lance got a call from a tipster, who shared that someone on Team Arrow had gone on record with Agent Watson as naming Oliver as Green Arrow. Convening OTA at the bunker, Oliver asked Felicity to snoop into where Rene, Dinah and Curtis have been/are, and that led to super-handy security cam video of Dinah meeting in secret with Vince (aka Vigilante). Translating that betrayal into her likely snitching to the feds, Oliver thus did not invite Dinah to suit up when he and the others went to steal something from ARGUS — which has the worst security of any place with the bestest security —  which they must trade to Cayden James in exchange for Lance, who had been abducted by Black Siren.

Dinah arrived at the bunker after the team has returned from their successful op, and quickly gleans that she was left out. Oliver then shares what they learned about her meet-ups with Vince, and how that has destroyed their trust in her. When Dinah denies snitching to Watson, a heated discussion ensues, leading Rene to admit that it was actually him — that the FBI threatened to keep him from ever seeing his daughter again unless he ‘fessed up. Oliver let it slide for now, having chosen his kid over the team himself, but when Rene went rogue during their meet with Cayden James, that was the final straw — Wild Dog is in the dog house. Unsettled by the overall air of distrust, which was exacerbated by the realization that OTA spies on the noobs, Dinah and Curtis also cut bait.

Reduced down to just OTA, Oliver distracted himself by wondering how Cayden knew that the ARGUS gizmo they went to trade for Lance had been sabotaged. And as if on cue, we then learn that Black Siren planted a camera in the bunker ceiling, with which they spy on Team Arrow. And on the heels of that reveal, we come to discover who all is also in cahoots — namely, Anatoly… Vince… and Ricardo Diaz! All these “personal” villains are actually acting in concert.

Elsewhere in the episode: When Cayden James waved off the sabotaged tech and ordered Lance killed, Black Siren instead let their captive escape, on the heels of a heart-to-heart in which she shared how her Earth-Two dad died — making a cake run on her 13th birthday.

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