Video: Tracee Ellis Ross Has Advice for Hollywood's 'Handsy Men' on Kimmel

Tracee Ellis Ross has a message for sexual harassers everywhere… and it even rhymes!

The black-ish star stepped in to guest-host ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, and she wasted no time in addressing the sexual-harassment scandals swirling around Hollywood these days. This isn’t just about Hollywood, or even just about sex, Ross notes; it’s “a systemic problem about the abuse of power” that’s gone on “for far too long.”

“Treating people with respect isn’t complicated,” she adds, “but it seems a bit confusing for some men out there.” So she has a solution: a children’s book she’s written to school men on the basics of proper conduct, entitled The Handsy Man. Ross then reads aloud from the book, which lays out in Dr. Seuss-esque rhymes all the things men should not be doing: “Even if you’re stoned or drunk/Do not expose me to your junk.”

She wraps it up with the simple lesson: “If she does not consent, the answer is: No!” And in case you still didn’t get the message, Ross says not to worry: “That’s Part 1 of a 67-part series.”

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Ross’ timely monologue, then hit the comments with your book report on The Handsy Man