Supergirl Fall Finale Recap: Reign Drops

Supergirl Recap

Mon-El’s new bride was thrilled to meet Kara on the fall finale of Supergirl. Too bad the feeling was… less than mutual.

“Your wife is lovely,” Kara told her bearded ex through clenched teeth during an awkward run-in — one mercifully cut short by a call from the prison. Kara’s old pal Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe, ‘member him?) was spouting some crazy prophecies from his cell, and not from the Book of Rao. “Kara Danvers, there is so much that you still don’t know,” he told her.

“The prophecy I speak of predates the Book of Rao,” he continued. “There are three steps leading to the end of days: The first is the mark of the beast. After that comes the work of the beast, in the form of many deaths. Finally comes the reign of the beast… and this is when she comes.” He explained that Kara’s true purpose is to “fight the devil,” though he conveniently left out the part about the devil being one of her new best friends. (I guess the devil is literally in the details here.)

Reign wasted no time getting to Step 2, nearly killing Morgan Edge (yay!), who then staged a press conference to suggest that it was actually Supergirl who attacked him. (Boo!) Reign eventually made her presence known, giving Kara the most challenging battle since she traded barbs with Superman last season. (In other news, remember when Teri Hatcher was on this show? Good. Times.)

“You are no god, just as I am no devil,” she told Kara before dropping her from the roof of a skyscraper. “All I am is truth… and judgment. And death. And I will reign.” Kara hit the ground with a devastating thud, before being taken away for emergency surgery — which I hope goes better than Kara’s manicure during last week’s DC crossover. (Seriously, if they can’t cut her fingernails, how are they supposed to operate on her?!)

Then came the final, chilling shot: Ruby returned home to her mother… but is there any part of Sam’s humanity left? I guess we’ll find out on Jan. 15!

Also worth discussing…

* I’m obsessed with the fact that J’onn is obsessed with “Jingle Bell Rock.” (Ditto to his father’s love of hot chocolate, his preferred form of brown water.)

* It’s ironic that Lena, who seems to have chemistry with almost everyone (Kara, Sam, passing strangers, etc.) ended up kissing James — the one National City resident with whom she doesn’t share a spark.

* Given her new enemy’s Kryptonian connection, why didn’t Supergirl bother reaching out to her cousin for help? The prophecy didn’t say she couldn’t phone a friend!

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