Lucifer Recap: Socket To Me — Who Won Round 1 With The Sinnerman?

Lucifer Sinnerman Meet

Fox’s Lucifer (finally) resumed its Sinnerman storyline this Monday, and in earnest, going so far as to reveal the man believed responsible for stealing the devil’s face. Meanwhile, a returning Maze walked into an awkward situation.

When not one but two people that Lucifer granted a favor for in the past turned up murdered (and maimed in ways that spoke to how he helped them out), the devil’s horns pointed to The Sinnerman, the mythical power player he holds responsible for kidnapping him and restoring his wings while robbing him of his villainous visage. Chloe is skeptical until Detective Pierce seconds Lucifer’s theory, after which Ella’s examination of DNA evidence reveals a match to the guy who bedeviled Pierce back in Chicago.

With Charlotte now working for the DA’s office, Chloe brought the legal eagle with her to confront the crime boss who employed one of the victims and who might know how to find the Sinnerman — but he keeps mum. As Chloe conducts a stakeout outside that restaurant, to see if the mobster rushes off to seek vengeance on the Sinnerman, Pierce shows up with food as well as food for thought in the form of his own tragic tie to the the man they seek. It turns out that back in Chicago, the Sinnerman killed Pierce’s brother.

Lucifer meanwhile had received a phone call from the Sinnerman, who invited him to him at a long-abandoned building. There, Lucifer was promptly trapped in a fortified steel meat locker, left to merely converse with a live video feed of his taunter. The Sinnerman refuses to reveal his agenda, and wears sunglasses to keep Luci from extracting his “desires.” He leaves Lucifer to suffer in captivity, perhaps never to be found, but thankfully Maze unwittingly rides to the rescue, having been seeking Lucifer for a confrontation (about how he blew her off upon her return).

Back in his car, Lucifer phones Chloe about his run-in with the Sinnerman, immediately after which she and Pierce are leap out of their car to follow the man he has described into the restaurant. Gunshots ring out as the Sinnerman puts down the mobster Chloe had talked with earlier. Chloe exchanges gunfire with the Sinnerman during a chase through the back kitchen, outside of which Pierce shows up to tackle the guy. Keeping in mind advice that Chloe had offered earlier — she channeled Lucifer in coaching him to ask what he truly desires from the man who killed his brother — Pierce holds back from shooting the Sinnerman in cold blood. Chloe similarly keeps an arriving Lucifer from confronting the Sinnerman, which will come back to haunt them in a bit.

Because back at the cop shop, Lucifer keeps an eye on the interrogation room until he sees that Chloe, Pierce, Dan and everyone is clear of the area. Luci then slips in to confront the Sinnerman, only to discover that he has gauged his eyes out using a knife he pocketed back at the restaurant kitchen. “Now you’ll never know what I want,” the killer gloated while “looking” at Lucifer with two bloody sockets.


* Upon returning form her bounty hunting foray, Maze went to see Dr. Linda… and found her friend having a cozy chat with Amenadiel. Feeling betrayed-times-two, Maze sought out Lucifer, who blew her off for the call that turned out to be the Sinnerman. Upon being rescued, Lucifer did his “best” to convince Maze that Dr. Linda was simply doing her job, but as we saw, things heated up between the shrink and the angel, despite her fleeting moment of second-guessing. Linda played dumb when Maze came back later, and thus was left to listen to her friend detail her meaningless, thorough liaisons with Amenadiel, one lover of a countless many.

* Things started chilly between Chloe and Pierce, as he held off on approving her request for a personal day. But during the stakeout — after Chloe had sneaked a bit of female gazing at her colleague at the precinct — the two bonded over the story of his brother and the reason she wanted a day off, on the anniversary of her father’s murder.

* As Charlotte struggled with her new role as DA/breaking old habits as a defender of mobsters, Dan was able to offer some comfort, reassuring her that she will learn how to be “good.”

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