The Gifted Recap: Oh My Children

Gifted Recap Lauren Andy Hold Hands

This week on Fox’s The Gifted, the Strucker kids got a sense of what fresh hell they were capable of when combining powers — and thus of course were recruited to do just that, for the greater good.

With Reed back from his eventful, ultimately tragic reunion with his father, the Strucker family got looped in on all that he learned — including the truth about his own, suppressed mutant power, as well as the fact that Lauren and Andy, if holding hands, might be able to unleash horrible, terrorist attacks, as their ancestors did.

Still, it was agreed that they should see what all the kids could do, so in a somewhat loosey-goosey test, ostensibly within the safety of the way station’s vault, Lauren and Andy held hands, concentrated and… were frightened to death of what they sensed. That they could easily vaporize the entire building, killing everyone inside, all while their wind-blown hair looked positively gorgeous.

And yet vaporize they would be asked to do. Because after Dreamer and Polaris “chatted up” a Trask security guard at a bar, the team formed a plan to infiltrate the heavily protected Trask lab. But to do that, the Strucker kids would need to work their double whammy on a nearby power station. Mom and Dad barely signed off on the harrowing idea, and only because they insisted on tagging along as an Overwatch of sorts.

While Polaris, Marcos, Thunderbird and (a conspicuously anxious) Esme staged themselves just outside the perimeter fence at Trask, Dreamer, Blink and the Strucker clan pulled up to the power station. Blink popped open a portal through which she, Dreamer and the kids jumped through, into the station. Alas, while they were able to finagle their way past the first guard they ran into, an unexpected wrinkle torpedoed their plan completely — Agent Turner’s hunches bearing fruit, as Sentinel Services stormed the power station with spider-like robots in tow.

As she, Dreamer and the kids scrambled, Blink got pinned down quick by one Sentinel. The other three then ran into a dead end, until Dreamer recalled the guard’s pass code. She let the kids escape through, while she got nabbed by agents. Now alone in a basement room, Andy and Lauren decided to pair their powers to shake things up, but Andy bailed at the last second, realizing that because they were in the basement, they’d only bring the building down on top of everyone. Frozen in that moment, the kids were surrounded and captured by Turner’s team, while their bereft parents could only watch remotely.

Polaris and the others that were set up outside Trask, realizing the op had gone pear-shaped, got outta Dodge in a hurry, with Johnny having to physically lug headstrong Esme away from their compromised location.

What did you think of the episode “outfoX”? And how will those who got away possibly extricate four, power-dampened team members from Sentinel Services’ clutches?