Happy!'s Christopher Meloni and Patrick Fischler Dish and Tell About That Premiere Scene and More

christopher meloni patrick fischler podcast interview happy syfy

“Can I curse?” asks Christopher Meloni. Although he and Happy! co-star Patrick Fischler are discussing their far-far-out new Syfy series on the TVLine Podcast, he needs a four-letter word to describe his reaction to the pilot script. Which was? “What the f— did I just read?”

We don’t blame him. In the outrageous dramedy, Meloni is Nick Sax, a hitman whose sidekick is the titular unicorn; Fischler, Sax’s maniacal nemesis Smoothie, who — if you’ve seen the eye-popping trailer, you know — intends to remove Sax’s manhood in exceedingly painful fashion. When they shot that massive confrontation for the premiere (Wednesday, 10/9c), “I had not met Chris before,” Fischler tells TVLine Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello. Yet he still decided to have Smoothie get right in Sax’s face.

“None of that is in the script,” he adds, describing the archenemies’ feelings about one another as “a little bit of hate, a little bit of love.”

Besides elaborating on the scene you’ll be discussing around the water cooler come Thursday morning, the Q&A also includes Meloni copping to his admiration for Fischler — or, as the former calls the latter, “Oh, that guy!” — and Twin Peaks alum Fischler fielding accusations that he throws David Lynch’s name around “ad nauseam.”

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