Project Runway Reunion Recap: Claire Backpedals on Her Cheating Scandal

Project Runway Recap Season 16 Reunion

Thursday’s Project Runway reunion offered the perfect opportunity for Claire Buitendorp — she of the tape measure cheating scandal — to admit her wrongdoings and redeem herself in the eyes of her fellow designers. Instead, the disgraced twin decided to pull a Donald Trump.

Despite previously admitting to having a tape at home and using it to measure multiple garments, Claire arrived at the reunion with a new version of the story, one in which she didn’t use the tape. (When I say Claire pulled a Trump, I’m referring to his recent claim that the infamous Access Hollywood tape was a fake, despite admitting it was real during his campaign.)

“That entire situation to me was a blur,” she said. “I literally felt an onslaught of negativity of things that were coming my way. It happened so fast, I don’t feel I was able to articulate and adequately express my side of the story. … Yes, I admitted to having a measuring tape. I had absentmindedly taken it home from the workroom because, come on, things happen. You have late nights, things get misplaced, they get put in pockets, things come home. … I was being accused of having the measuring tape and knocking off all of my designs. … I didn’t initially make the connection that that’s what they were saying.”

Rather than letting her ramble on, Tim Gunn asked her, “Did you use it? Yes or no?” to which she replied, “No.”

Amy — who said more in this one reunion special than she did all season — accused Claire of “backpedaling,” while Margarita straight-up told her, “I don’t think you’re telling the truth.”

“You made a confession in the designer’s lounge,” Tim reminded Claire.

“I answered the question I thought I had heard,” she replied. “The question was: Did you have a measuring tape?”

At that point, Amy spoke for everyone — including the viewers — when she said, “This is a waste of time.” (And I couldn’t agree more.)

The rest of the reunion was pretty tame, focusing on some of the lighter moments — including Brandon and Kentaro’s glorious bromance — though the tension returned when Tim showed a montage of all the designers talking about each other behind their backs. #DRAMA

Let’s hear your thoughts: Were you as baffled as I was that Claire rescinded her confession? And, be honest, were there a few designers you completely forgot existed when they returned for the reunion? Whatever you’re feeling, drop it in a comment below.