The Voice Top 11 Results Show Recap: Did the Right Singer Get the Boot?

the voice recap top 11 results show

Based on iTunes rankings and TVLine’s post-Top 11 poll, Tuesday’s episode of The Voice should have found JHud’s green teen being redubbed Bye’Ann Jones. But if the Top 12 Results Show taught us — well, me — anything, it’s that the iTunes/poll combo is hardly a reliable predictor of eliminations. So, was the mysterious fan base that doesn’t seem to download Shi’Ann’s songs or vote for her in polls again energized enough to help her avoid the Bottom Two, never mind the axe?

As a matter of fact, it was. The polarizing performer was the last contestant to be revealed as safe. (Somewhere, Jon Mero — the far readier-to-launch vocalist cut after the Top 12 — had to be gritting his teeth. Or maybe that was just you guys. I don’t dislike Shi’Ann as much as you seem to, but I 100 percent agree that she isn’t polished enough to still be in the competition, and isn’t half as polished as Jon.)

Before the Bottom Two sang for a stay of elimination, a leopard-printed Team Miley triggered my Season 12 PTSD by covering “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” — you remember, the song with which Adam Levine sank my beloved Lilli Passero; Adam and his current team had their way with Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way,” which only really served Adam Cunningham well; and JHud threw a denim jacket over her sequins to join Blake Shelton for a twangtastic rendition of his current hit “I’ll Name the Dogs.”

As for the results…

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Chloe Kohanski (Team Blake)
Addison Agen (Team Adam)
Brooke Simpson (Team Miley)
Davon Fleming (Team Jennifer)
Red Marlow (Team Blake)
Noah Mac (Team Jennifer)
Ashland Craft (Team Miley)
Keisha Renee (Team Blake)
Shi’Ann Jones (Team Jennifer)

Bottom Two
Adam Cunningham (Team Adam), “Amazed” — Grade: A- | Second time in the Bottom Two, Adam sang as if he was saying goodbye and eager to leave a lasting impression. If he didn’t get the save, mission accomplished. It wasn’t a pitch-perfect performance, but it was at once vulnerable and powerful, and ended on a great long note that seemed destined to motivate viewers. (And, it turned out, did.)

Janice Freeman (Team Miley), “Chandelier” — Grade: B- | Hmm… the Sia hit may not have been the ideal song choice for Janice. I can hear why it would appeal to her — it allowed her to belt like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, she sounded out of control — and not in that badass way that we’ve come to associate with Janice — meaning that, by the time she was done, even she didn’t seem to think she’d still be in this competition tomorrow. (Right she was.)

Saved | Adam Cunningham
Eliminated | Janice Freeman

OK, your turn. Which of the Top 11 singers would you have sent home? Vote in the poll below, then hit the comments.

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